Your feelings are valid🌻

How have you been?

To be honest, seeing the situation in our country is making me sad and frustrated sometimes. I've been trying to distract myself by watching series, doing my work, writing, reading.. Filling my days with activities so that I won't think to much.

But really, there are days that I feel sad. I miss living without pandemic. I miss doing the things that I was doing. I miss the church and ministry. I miss my friends. I miss going out. I miss going to office with people I can bond with. I just miss everything.

Don't get me wrong. Who am I to complain? I'm beyond blessed because we're surviving every day, I'm blessed to find a job after getting laid off, I'm blessed because I am not fighting between life and death.

But I think what I feel is valid. And if you're feeling the same thing, I want to say that those feelings are valid. Yes, I know for a fact that I am blessed to stay home and to have a job, but I don't think that feeling anxious and sad does mean that I don't see that.

I'm grateful but I'm missing the normal so much.

I hope you are all doing well, if not, it's totally fine. We'll get through all of this. Let's continue to pray and to anchor our hope in God. With Him, we can overcome this.

You are not alone and what you feel today is valid. Feeling sad doesn't mean you're ungrateful, it means you're human.❤️

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Step out on your Comfort zone
Step out on your Comfort zone

Remember: growth happens when you step out of your comfort zone ❤️ Don't be afraid to try new things, to ask hard questions or to say yes to something that may seem uncomfortable for you.

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