Simple message in this Generation🌻

If there's something that I want to share to our generation during this season is this:

We have to make the best use of time and the resources that is available for us today.

With all these technology and information that are available for us, there is simply no excuse not to learn and grow.

We can take a step closer towards our dreams or goals by researching, watching videos about it, look for free courses and really make time to do those things.

To be honest, we're not as busy as we have been before this pandemic, whether you are working from home or not, there's a lot free time that has been added on our schedules especially on weekends. So why not use those times to learn new things and prepare for what we have been praying for.

List down ideas.
Write drafts.
Learn how to improve what you already have.

We can look at this season as either a hindrance for our dreams or an opportunity to prepare for it.

If we look at it as an opportunity, when everything goes back to normal, you are a step closer towards your goal ❀️

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Step out on your Comfort zone
Step out on your Comfort zone

Remember: growth happens when you step out of your comfort zone ❀️ Don't be afraid to try new things, to ask hard questions or to say yes to something that may seem uncomfortable for you.

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