New Listing Proof of Stake (POS) and Masternode Coins #Week27

By | Staking Coins | 8 Jul 2019

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StackOfStake listed GenesisX (XGS) Masternode Coin!

StackOfStake is a full automatic shared masternode service. A powerful backend is used to perform all masternode administration and maintenance operations, all results are displayed in a simple and clear way.

What is GenesisX (XGS)?

GenesisX (XGS) Masternode/PoS cryptocurrency that focuses on Security, Privacy, Transparency & Governance. Their main goal is to maximize security through integration of a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) system to reduce hacking and scamming in the blockchain and cloud storage industry. Additionally, working on improving the Zerocoin protocol to increase anonymity and privacy throughout GenesisX block chain. more info

Stakinglab listed Merebel (MERI) Masternode Coin

Stakinglab provides an staking, shared and instant masternode service. It was founded in Germany at the beginning of 2017.

What is Merebel (MERI)?

Merebel (MERI) is a cutting edge cryptocurrency, which has many features and functions that are not available in most other cryptocurrencies. Merebel has a decentralized network of masternodes that enable feature services, treasury management and community governance. more info

Kucoin Staking Program for Cosmos (ATOM)

KuCoin is an exchange and offers also staking for different coins. Launched in August 2017 in Hong Kong, Kucoin is already one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

What is Cosmos (ATOM)?

Cosmos is a new blockchain with a focus on staking and interoperability. Cosmos can connect and understand different blockchains and their activity. With Cosmos (ATOM) it will ultimately be possible to create individual blockchains around its core system with different functions. more info

Stakinglab listed CoinMegaTrend (CMTR) Coin!

Stakinglab provides an staking, shared and instant masternode service. It was founded in Germany at the beginning of 2017.

What is CoinMegaTrend (CMTR)?

The goals are to provide blockchain technologies and business solutions for all users to access functions such as fundraising, idea forums, advertising, product research, software development. POS payment methods allowing access to partnerships and marketplaces of both institutional and private nature in building a monitoring system, and masternode for our platform community. more info


Staking Coins
Staking Coins

Overview of cryptocurrencies that generate passive income through staking/masternodes/dividends. For each Staking Coin you will find Masternode Service, Staking Pool and Exchange.

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