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Introducing Myself

By Sshafiu015 | Sshafiu015 | 1 Dec 2020


Hi, and good day to all in what ever side of the Nation at large, is just quite a minutes i registered this platform where a friend of mine introduce me to it so today i was opportune in joining the moving train. I was surprise when checking a saw varieties of well wonderful articles by tremendous and lovely writers, truly this is a place for me as i am very fond of reading also gaining much knowledge from what i am reading.

Am very happy for me i saw a community to introduce and am happy to see this for every thing they need to be introduction and i really appreciated.

My username already indicated am known by name shafiu015 and am much into reading of blogs,article,novel, crypto

and even story telling books and am happy i can sight some very quite interesting articles on this site which i am going to start reading through after introductory my post.


well, i am here to learn from every other writer here on as i will take you all as my mentors you have been here and knows every way and step to being a successful writer, because at the end the quality of post makes me have friends and more mentors so mind you i have infinity space of adding a mentor and friends.

Well I'll dedicate this write up to everyone on this platform ( and out there all over the world.

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