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Now Support for Cryptocurrencies comes from VISA

By Sreelesh | Sree Blog | 30 Aug 2020

World payments technology giant Visa has announced that it will pursue multiple projects in digital currency.

The company says that though the policy makers and other regulators are sceptical about cryptocurrency due to the payment securities, they are determined to address these issues and move forward with digital currencies in the future.


According to VISA, they understand the importance and popularity of cryptocurrencies and as such plans to pursue projects so that their expertise in secure transactions to networks that are new, which in turn can be beneficial to existing players and clients.


Apart from VISA, Mastercard, another payment technology global giant, also have announced their support to cryptocurrencies and have registered patents in blockchain technologies.

A point worth mentioning here is that the support from these two global giants will likely be for new cryptos and not existing ones.

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