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Getting quota for Tokyo with help of teammates’ pistol

Getting quota for Tokyo with help of teammates’ pistol    

Para-athlete Cagla Bas wants to make Turkish people proud, clinching gold medal in Summer Olympic Games.

Turkish paralympic shooter Cagla Bas, who sealed a spot for the Tokyo Games, said a teammate's gun helped her to the number one ranking at the Olympic qualification event.

The 27-year-old won gold with a memorable performance at the 2019 World Para Athletics Championships in Dubai, UAE.

Bas told Anadolu Agency everything was good until she broke her gun during training camp, one day before the Olympic qualification event.

"It was the worst experience of my life. I had been working for this event for months and I braced myself for getting quota but in the meantime, my colleague [teammate] offered me her gun to use and I got quota place through her," she said.

That single act of kindness will never be forgotten until the end of her life, she said. "I understood the importance of friendship, being an ally to campaign for the same country and I am happy to raise our flag to the highest with the help of her."


Securing quota place not catch Turkey's attention

Bas stressed that although her achievement did not attract as much attention as much as a football match in Turkey, she received positive comments from her inner circle and followers on social media.

Stressing the importance of getting the Olympic quota, Bas said: "I ranked number one at the competitions I am eligible for the direct qualification quota of the 2020 Paralympics."

She said she would try to show her four-year effort in Tokyo in the best possible manner and she wants to fill Turkey with pride with a gold medal.

Mental health should be considered for athletes

Bas also realizes the importance of mental health alongside a hard training schedule.

"I don't get a pretty heavy training one day before my competition," she said. "I prefer to have a mental toughness training program and I always listen to soul-soothing music."

The Paralympian stated that it is important to have powerful mental health, staying alone with yourself and salving the soul for his branch, adding that: "Calming down, focusing on the target and being patient is highly important."


Bas stressed that hard work is the essential element to achieve anything and tells those who want to be a successful athlete they should not give up on their dreams.

"Concentration must be at a high level when they are at a shooting range," she said. "I sincerely say that I do shotgun sports to be a good example. The guns must be used only as a sports activity."

She added that the shotgun requires calmness, that is why anyone cannot be successful in this branch without consideration and coolness.

When asked about whether she had received a sponsorship deal so far, Bas said she has not.

Rio de Janeiro'da 2016 Yaz Paralimpiklerinde Türkiye'yi temsil etmeye hak kazanan sporcu, "Ne yazık ki, sponsorluk söz konusu olduğunda acı çekiyorum çünkü sponsorluk anlaşmam olmadı ve sponsorluk olmadan hayatta kalmak tamamen spor hayatındaki soruların dışında" dedi. .

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