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Alex De Souza's life now? What happened to Alex ?

Alexsandro de Souza, or Alex as he is known, was born on September 14, 1977 in Coritiba, Brazil.
He started football at a very young age. He showed up first in the neighborhood and then in the school team. In 1990, he said 'hello' to football at small town team Curitiba and officially started his football career as a professional in 1995.
After playing for Brazilian league teams in Coritiba from 1995 to 1997, he transferred to Palmeiras. He gained notoriety in Palmeiras, where he came as a star, and rose to the Brazilian national team. Alex, who became an unassailable Brazilian league player, wore the jerseys of Palmeiras and Cruziero again, followed by Flamengo in 2000.
Alex, who always served as a senior player in the top teams of the Brazilian league, after a short European adventure suffered the misfortune of foreign quota in Europe, returned to his country again after 5 matches in Parma.
Little Alex had a dream when he was ten years old, running a ball through the streets. Zico, the legend player in Brazil of those years, was a star who graced Little Alex's dreams. "Zico was the biggest factor that connected me to football, how proud it was to be like him, how proud it was to be like him, I was always thinking about these things, even though I couldn't be a legend like Zico, it was my ideal to be a player close to him," Alex says as he recounts his childhood.
Alex served as captain of cup America's most ambitious team, Brazil, last summer and was the star of the Cup with the goals he scored in every match.
For this reason, Alex, who received constant praise from his coach, Parreira, managed to become one of Fenerbahçe's legendary footballers, although not as much as Zico, who was his idol as a child.
One by one, Alex had begun to achieve all of his dreams as a child. First his dreams of becoming a football player like Zico came true and then it was time for his childhood love to continue with marriage. Daiane and Alex were little kids.

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