GROW BITCOIN DAILY!! A New Fund For Earning More BTC

GROW BITCOIN DAILY!! A New Fund For Earning More BTC

By Scanova | SpencerCanova | 3 Mar 2020

When it comes to Bitcoin, there are a few options. 

  1. If you know how to trade you can take the risk and get some extra coins, or cash that way.
  2. You can invest in a handful of programs that will pay you interest in exchange for lending them out. Much like a bank, but luckily with much better rates.
  3. Or for most of the world you can buy it and HODL. As paychecks come in you can hopefully buy a little more and then wait for the next bull run. 
  4. Or you can spend money on mining equipment and hopefully your electric bill doesn’t create too much of a problem when BTC prices are down. 


This article is to offer choice number 5




AMFEIX is a UK based BTC trading fund. A fund managed by professional traders who help you grow your BTC wallet. 


Unless your a trader yourself BTC profits are based solely on the price of BTC. Nobody knows exactly what will happen, and at the time I am writing this prices can be especially unpredictable as we prepare for the BTC halving in May of 2020. About 68 days away. 


AMFEIX helps create a hedge against the price of bitcoin and benefits from its volatility. If the price goes down chances are you can atleast acquire some more BTC in your wallet to make up for it. 


AMFEIX has been around for close to 18 months. I started my own personal wallet in January 2019. SInce that time my account has increased 115% at the time of writing this article. My amount of BTC has doubled and i haven’t had to invest any more money into it. I have simply watched. 


I am not a professional trader and I am not giving financial advice. I am simply sharing my own experience and hope that may AMFEIX can help you prepare for, hopefully, a massive crypto bull run. START STACKING!!


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