How to participate in the public beta testing of Spectrecoin v3 - StealthStaking (PoAS)

How to participate in the public beta testing of Spectrecoin v3 - StealthStaking (PoAS)

By SpectreCat | SpectreCoin Fans | 5 Apr 2019

Brace yourselves, it is almost here: StealthStaking (or PoAS) on Spectrecoin! The upcoming v3 fork will introduce this unique consensus algorithm to the Spectrecoin MAINNET. The public beta testing is now open for everyone.


How to participate in the public beta testing of Spectrecoin v3


-> Before you do anything, always ensure you have validated backups of your important data - especially your wallet.dat!

1.  First, come to our discord where the developers, community leaders and beta testers will be around to guide you through the process. For the public beta testing you will receive TESTNET coins from the team. So there is no need to bring your own funds, as the TESTNET works completely separated from the MAINNET.


2.  Download the latest pre-release v3.x from the Spectrecoin Github release area.

NOTE! Do not use the pre-release ‘bootstrap’ for the testnet as this is a mainnet bootstrap

3.  Run v3 with the '-testnet' switch. To do this, either start the program via the command line with the '-testnet' switch or create a shortcut and add the '-testnet' switch to the target line. Now wait for the blockchain to be fully synced.



4.  Tell someone from the team your TESTNET address to receive TESTNET coins.

5.  To test StealthStaking (PoAS), convert your TESTNET XSPEC to SPECTRE in your wallet via a balance transfer, unlock your wallet for staking and you are good to go!

It is also possible to run v3 on the MAINNET, but StealthStaking will only come to the MAINNET with the upcoming fork on 17th May 2019. If you want to try v3 on the MAINNET, make sure you have your wallet.dat backed up. Then start the program as usual (no '-testnet' switch) but be aware that there might be a very long waiting time as your wallet will need to do a reindex.

The team is looking forward to your input, so please provide feedback!

Detailed information about the public beta of v3, the Spectrecoin Foundation and the current state of the Spectrecoin project can be found in the latest newsletter:


Spectrecoin all the way!

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