How to Mine Curecoin using Folding@home
Curecoin distribution

How to Mine Curecoin using Folding@home

Hello fellow denizens of the digital,

In this increasingly convoluted crypto world where we have an overabundance of so many different coins and companies – all with different agendas – some of you may be looking for something with a little more clarity. Something with a purpose. Like, how cryptocurrency originally felt as opposed to these days where there's a new coin coming out every week.

Here, I will show you how to start mining Curecoin: a coin with clarity and purpose. You’ll be helping scientists do the science. And with the value of CURE going up lately, you could be making a nice profit as well.

CURE is mined by running a program called Folding@home.

Folding@home is what's called a "distributed system". It was designed by scientists at Stanford University for the purpose of simulating the biological process of protein folding. From these simulations, they gain valuable data that is used to help further research into potential treatments and cures for various diseases. It takes a lot of computing power to run these simulations, so each computer running Folding@home contributes to the effort. Over 225 scientific research papers have been published as a direct result of Folding@home.

And while you might think simply installing a program to help rid humanity of affliction and disease would be incentive enough for people – it’s not. So, this is where Curecoin comes in. The developers at Curecoin have set up a Folding@home team (sort of like a mining pool) that you can join in order to gain CURE based off of your contributions to solving Folding@home projects. It’s as simple as setting up an account, entering the right username and wallet information, and then setting it and forgetting it. The Folding@home client will display your estimated points per day, these points go towards team Curecoin’s total, and then you get paid in CURE.

CURE’s price is on the rise as of late and it’s tradeable on Bittrex.


Installation Instructions (for Windows):


1. Download and Install the Folding@home Client

You can download it from here:

Once downloaded, navigate to your downloads folder, and run the installer. Express install should be sufficient, or you can choose to install to a custom folder. Run Folding@home.


2. Set Up an Identity

A Folding@home tab should open in your browser. The browser tab displays the following:

Folding@home welcome screen

Click “Set up an identity” and then click “Start folding”. Next you will see this window:

Folding@home identity

Choose your username and enter it into the Name field. It must be 50 characters or less. Then, under “Passkey”, click the link that says “Get a passkey”. It will take you to this page:

Folding@home passkey page

Here, you must enter your chosen Folding@home username. It’s case sensitive, so enter it exactly as you have it on the Folding@home page. Also, you'll have to enter an email for them to send you a passkey. You should receive it within a couple minutes, but sometimes it can be delayed.

Once you have your passkey, navigate back to the Folding@home identity setup and enter it in the passkey field. For the last field, “Team”, enter Curecoin’s team number: 224497. Click “Save”.

The client is now folding and generating points towards team Curecoin. However, you're not yet being compensated.


3. Install Curecoin Wallet

In order to receive your CURE compensation, you’ll need to download the Curecoin wallet and set up an account with their pool.

The wallet can be downloaded here:

Installation should be pretty straight forward. Once installed, it will run and start syncing with the network. Let it do its thing.

You can generate your wallet address by clicking on Receive Coins and then clicking New Address


NOTE: Alternatively, you can generate a CURE address on Bittrex and deposit straight into that.


4. Register with Curecoin pool

Head over to and click on “Register”. Here, enter your username exactly the same as it is in Folding@home. Again, it must be 50 characters or less and it's case sensitive. Next, enter your Curecoin address. Fill out the rest of the form and submit it. Finally, log in to the website, click “My Account”, and make sure everything checks out.

Congratulations! You’re now fully set up. You can expect your CURE payments to be sent out at least once every 24 hours.

Our species thanks you.


Obviously, the Bittrex links above are referral links.


If you run into any issues or have any questions regarding Folding@home or Curecoin, be sure to check out the following links:


Folding@home forum:

Folding@home discord:

Curecoin forum:

Curecoin discord:

Folding@home official site:

Folding@home download:

Curecoin official website:

Curecoin official wallet:

Curecoin market information:

Bittrex Exchange (trade CURE/BTC/USD):


If you do need optimal profits, Ravencoin (RVN) is a great choice to mine right now – depending on your setup. You can mine Ravencoin at the same time as Curecoin, just at a lower hashrate than if you were mining it alone. If you do opt to mine both, be sure to experiment with the Folding@home power options to find a good balance.


Ravencoin market information:





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