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Marinated Mackerel

By Klo | Spanish Food | 26 Apr 2020


Helloo! a little history!

In the past, the marinade was used as a method of preserving cooked food, but today it is a highly appreciated recipe that can be made with meat, fish and vegetables.
"escabeche" is a sauce or marinade made with fried oil, wine or vinegar, bay leaves and other ingredients to preserve and make fish and other foods tasty. The marinade is said to be of Spanish origin, although its name comes from the Arabic sikbâg (a Persian dish that they indicate already appeared in "The Thousand and One Nights"), which pronounced sounded like ‘iskebech’ and became a marinade.
In the year 1525 the first writings on the pickle appear in Spain.


Difficulty: easy
Time: 20 min
For 3 people
€ 3 / person
210Kcal per 100g


1 kg Mackerel  or 4 pieces
60 gr of olive oil
10 gr of salt
350gr onion
2 Garlic
1 bay leaf
20gr paprika
5gr Pepper
10cl vinegar
Water until the mackerel is covered


Today we are going with the second recipe, in this case I present you a canning dish, it can last several days in the refrigerator due to the marinade that we are going to prepare. In Spain we have the best sweet paprika in the world, paprika de la vera that will give your dishes a spectacular smoky touch. 
Sin mas hablar... vamos a la receta!



STEP1: we mark the mackerel for the part that doesn't have skin first




STEP2: We cut the onion and garlic





STEP3: We put oil in the pot and add the garlic and once it is fried, remove it, then put the onion in the pot and the garlic is not cooked, add the salt to the onion a little to release the water, then more later in the stew we will rectify the salt again.



STEP4: We add sweet paprika from La Vera



STEP5: Let the sweet paprika de la vera sauté together with the onion and garlic. It is important to cook the paprika and very important that it does not burn !!



So that the sweet or spicy paprika never burns, I recommend adding a little water, so it is diluted and you will never burn the paprika. If it burns it will ruin your plate and you will not be able to eat it.


Step6: Now it is time to add the vinegar and reduce it a little. After 3min lower the fire in my case I will set it to (4 of 6 power).
To make the reductions you have to raise the fire, at least this time for this dish, other times we want it to reduce slowly.
Add the water to cover the mackerel, the bay leaf and correct the salt, cover the pot and leave 7min over medium-high heat



STEP7: enjoy! 




This is all! If you liked the recipe I would like you to leave a comment in the box below. A tip to continue fueling the desire to share recipes and recipe history with everyone. Cheer up and subscribe to not miss any recipe.
I would also very much like that if you ever make one of my recipes that you find me by telegram KLO0707 and send me a photo or put it linked in the comment box!

Thank you very much for reading the recipes and if you have come this far I congratulate you!

Health and wine

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Spanish Food
Spanish Food

In this blog I want to show recipes from the Iberian Peninsula, I am a lover of prehistory and history, I live in one of the oldest cities in Europe, where recipes have been repeated century after century. In this blog I want to link history with food. So if you want to know a little more about this ancient corner of Spain, next to the strait of gibraltar, follow the blog and enjoy. I would like that if you make a recipe they can share it with me. Thank you very much for reading the introduction.

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