Unlock Profitable Trading Opportunities in Altcoins - SOL, ARB, and WLD

As an independent trader with a fervent passion for technical analysis, allow me to share insights into the recent trajectories and promising trading opportunities surrounding certain altcoins, albeit through the lens of my own perspectives and trading frameworks. Approaching with a discerning mindset is advisable.

1. SOL

Firstly, SOL, a widely recognized robust cryptocurrency with favorable fundamentals, finds itself at a critical juncture, poised upon pivotal support levels.


On the 4-hour timeframe, SOL exhibits a remarkably bullish structure, having found robust support around the 160 region, reinforced not only by the purple area but also the upper bounds of two converging EMA curves. The subsidiary chart echoes similar bullish signals, leading me to believe that initiating a long position at these levels could yield compelling returns, with an initial upside target around 190, where a potential breakout could materialize.

2. ARB


Secondly, ARB, a cryptocurrency I have been closely monitoring, has recently benefited from the resurgence of ETH. Employing a straightforward rationale, ARB exhibits a bullish harmonic pattern on the 4-hour chart, with its first target residing around 1.4. Having breached the 1.2 resistance level, ARB now faces the critical phase of resistance-turned-support. Should it maintain support at these levels, contingent upon the continuity of ETH's upward momentum, a push towards 1.4 becomes increasingly plausible.

3. WLD


Lastly, WLD currently finds itself oscillating near the bottom, having repeatedly found support within the purple supportive region. Boasting an encouraging harmonic structure, its first profit-taking target resides around 6.848. However, given the extended timeframe required for this pattern's formation, attaining this objective demands patience. My personal recommendation would be to gradually secure profits upon reaching each successive target.


In summation, I have endeavored to share my perspectives on the recent trajectories and potential trading prospects surrounding these altcoins. Should you find merit in my analysis, I kindly request your support through an upvote. Thank you.

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luosen chu
luosen chu

I am an independent trader who loves trading and has analyzed thousands of charts

luosen chu's prediction and analyzation for crypto
luosen chu's prediction and analyzation for crypto

Hello! I am an independent trader who loves cryptocurrency. I am good at using technical analysis to predict trends. I will share my daily trend predictions for free. But this is just my personal opinion, please be responsible for your profits and losses.

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