How did i make $1,000,000 with Crypto and how am i broke again :)

By SniperMax | SniperMax | 7 Feb 2019

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Hello all


In this post ill describe my crypto - journey from 2013 when i had my first Bitcoin till today 2019.



- why do i love shitcoins

- how did i turned $1 into 1 BTC

- what did i spend million on :)


First of all hello to everybody. This is my very 1st post here so i hope you will enjoy it.

There will be probably bunch o grammar errors, if you mind those just skip the article.

I am also not very good article writer so this article may cause the pain in your eyes after or during the read :)


My name is SniperMax (obviously not my real name) and i first heard about Bitcoin back in 2013.

Back then i was without job, broke as fuck, literally didnt have $3 for a pack of cigarettes.

One day i went to my GFs place, in order to get online (as i couldnt even afford to pay the internet bills) and typed in Google searchbox: How to make money fast, how to make money online.....

To make one thing clear, i was not broke because im lazy, because i didnt wanna work or anything like that. I was broke as i was working abroad and boss decided not to pay us out on the last day, so more uf us got fckd up, not just me.

Ok, lets continue....After searching all of those terms on Google, after my high IQ filtered all Nigerian prince ponzy scams, i got left with some BTC faucet that was paying 0.002 BTC (about $0.20 at the time) per claim. Made BTC wallet, filled in the captcha and recived my BTC instantly.

At this point i aimed to do research on what is BTC, what is crypto and most important, can i make some money out of it.

After a day of learning about BTC and cryptocurrency in general, in my mind i was a crypto expert. I was dedicated to crypto 24/7 and in my 1st 15 days made 1 full Bitcoin. Sold that BTC for about $200 +- few bucks, used the funds to buy some food, pay internet bills (because GF was furious about using her laptop 24/7 :D ) and of course bunch of coffee and cigarettes to keep me awake.

Following months i was earning BTC in any possible way. Faucets, casino free chips, poker freerolls, airdrops, bitcointalk bountyes etc. etc.

Meanwhile i found a regular job and didnt had the need to sell off my precious crypto holdings all untill the big peak at the December 2017, just few days before Christmas. At that moment i was holding +- 1,000,000$ in various cypto including BTC, ETH, DASH, and even some DOGE.

That day i decided to sell all. Counting in the transfer fees, trade fees, exchange fees and transfering the money into FIAT i got about $950k of pure green bucks. Wondering what did i do with them? Bought a house, car, weekend house with a vineyard and spent the rest on traveling and pleasure.

I mean why not, it was my coins, i earned them, why not enjoy in them.

Meanwhile i was away from crypto - world. I still have my regular job and im not broke as title says, but want to set myself a challenge.

$0 - $1000,000 in crypto once again with a 3 months deadline. This time i will focus 90% on Bitcointalk bountyes as there is really a huge choice and faucets became highly unprofitable and 10% on casino free chips and shitcoin trading.


Ok lets get to the second (shorter) part of this text. Why do i love shitcoins and how did i turned $1 to 1BTC.


Reason behind my love for shitcoins (scamcoins)? Because they are ridiculously cheap, market cap is low and on smaller exchanges you can manipulate with them in any way you like. Buy them all up from 1 satoshi to 10 satoshi and dump on 7 satoshi for great profit. I know im mean but hey, do your research before buying into any project.

Particular situation $1 to 1 BTC

Cant say the name of the coin, but i remember dev was inactive for few days and someone dumped bunch of coins to 1 satoshi on waves market. Waves price was $1 at the time so i bought 100 million coins for $1. Few days later dev showed up, listed coin on new exchange and i managed to sell 100 million coins for 1 BTC satoshi ie. 1BTC which was about $4000 at the time. Great deal isnt it?


P.S. Stay updated for my new topic where i will describe my journey from $0 to $1000,000 day by day trough 90 days. At the moment i hold about $200 in crypto but  it wont be counted toward the challenge.




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Crypto maniac. Earning fast, spending even faster! :))


My road from $0 to $1,000,000 twice!

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