$0 to $1000,000 DAY 3/90 +$12.44

By SniperMax | SniperMax | 9 Feb 2019

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$0 to $1000,000 DAY 3/90


Hello guys.


Today i will only write a short summary of what happened.

So, since it is saturday, i had a little break from regular job, had some coffees with friends in the morning, had some sleep since i was out friday night and done a little bit of work with translations.




So, im still working hard on CuresToken translation campaign. Done a little bit surfing on bitcointalk and discovered one failed project is going to be revived by community takeover. I have had some coins in that failed project so i swapped them for 10 masternodes.

Project link: https://wbtcreborn.pw/

Still dont know masternodes value as coin is not on exchange yet but i dont mind as those are free coins. Also applied and got the job as their Discord moderator and bounty manager. You can join discord here: https://discord.gg/AGdxgeW 

Got some BNTY coins for yesterday post, not much but it adds up.




Since i left myself 0.001BCHSV left on Phun to play with i decided to use them again. This site seems to be very lucky for me as i went from 0.001 to 0.201 BCHSV again. This time i left 0.011 for further play and withdrawed 0.19 BCHSV.



BTC: 0.01 ($36.63)

BCHSV: 0.27 ($17.92)

BNTY: 846.40 ($3.01)

WBTC: 30,000 ($???)

TOTAL: $57.56 + ???



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