Transferring JumpToken Between Celo and BSC Networks using

Transferring JumpToken Between Celo and BSC Networks using

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 29 May 2023


Transferring JumpToken Between Celo and BSC Networks

A situation arose recently in which I needed a bridge between Celo and BSC networks.  This article describes my experiece using a portal bridge.

As a small sideline, I occasionally earn JumpToken $JMPT using Honeygain in the background while working on my PC.  Although it is possible to earn in about four different ways at Honeygain , I just let it do its job passively with no effort on my part.  Before a Celo network option was available, I initially withdrew the JumpTokens to my Trust wallet via BSC network and was hit with a significant gas fee compared to what is charged on the Celo network.  Here are two screenshots showing how much you would receive and lose to gas fees using both networks.

I previously withdrew JumpToken to the BSC network, converted to BNB and sent to my Binance account.  After finally deciding to withdraw to the Celo network to Trust wallet, it was not clear how to convert from the Celo network to BSC.

I stumbled upon the website and made the conversion with ease.

The interoperability between different blockchain networks has become increasingly important in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi).  One such interoperability solution is Portal Bridge, which enables the transfer of assets between different blockchain networks, including Celo and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).  In this article, I will describe the process of transferring JumpToken tokens between the Celo and BSC networks using

Step 1: Using the Trust Wallet

MetaMask would work the same as Trust Wallet, but this article will show how to use only the Trust Wallet.

Before you can transfer JumpToken tokens, you'll need to set up wallets on both the Celo and BSC networks. Although you can use two separate wallets to do this, I am using only a Trust wallet which has received JumpToken on both Celo and BSC networks.

Step 2: Access Portal Bridge

Visit the official website I used at Portal Bridge. Once there, you'll find the interface to interact with the bridge.



Step 3: Connect Wallets

On the Portal Bridge interface, locate the option to connect your wallets.  Connect the Trust Wallet using the WalletConnect option in settings.  Be sure to choose Celo network when connecting via WalletConnect.

Step 4: Choose the Transfer Direction

In this case, you want to transfer JumpToken tokens from Celo to BSC.  Therefore, on the Portal Bridge interface, select the transfer direction as "Celo to BSC."



Step 5: Enter the Token Details

Ensure that you have the correct contract address for the JumpToken token on the Celo network.

The official JMPT token address for the Celo network is:

Contract address for JumpToken on Celo network is 0x1d18d0386F51ab03E7E84E71BdA1681EbA865F1f



Step 6: Start the Transfer

After entering the token details, click on the "Transfer" or similar button to start the transfer.  Confirm the transaction details on your Celo Wallet and continue with the transfer.



Step 7: Confirm the Transfer on BSC

Once the transfer from Celo to BSC is complete, you'll need to confirm the transaction on the BSC network. This step ensures that the tokens are credited to your BSC wallet.  Confirm the transaction on your Trust Wallet with the BSC network configured.



Step 8: Verify the Transfer

After confirming the transfer on the BSC network, you should see the JumpToken tokens reflected in your MetaMask Wallet with the BSC network selected.  You can also check the transaction history or explore the BSC network's block explorer to verify the successful transfer.





You should have successfully transferred JumpToken tokens between the Celo and BSC networks using Portal Bridge assuming the steps were actually followed.  The JumpToken s I converted were subsequently transferred to my Binance account.




At this point, you can swap JumpToken to BNB at PancakeSwap if you like.



The steps provided in this article were based on the general process of using Portal Bridge with my Trust wallet and my ASUS gaming rig.  It's essential to follow the instructions and prompts provided by the platform during the actual transfer process, as the interface might evolve over time.  I can't guarantee you will not run into a boggle just because everything went smooth at my end.

Remember to consider any transaction fees associated with the transfer, which may vary depending on the network congestion and token requirements.  It cost me a small amount of BNB worth all of 0.21 USD to do the transfer and conversion.

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