Took A Bath With Bitcoin, Ethereum And Ripple But The Markets Bounced Back
Took A Bath With Bitcoin, Ethereum And Ripple But The Markets Bounced Back
Took A Bath With Bitcoin, Ethereum And Ripple But The Markets Bounced Back

By Smoljanovic | Smoljanovic | 9 Mar 2020

Took A Bath With Bitcoin, Ethereum, BAT And Ripple But The Markets Bounced Back

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My taking a bath with Bitcoin, Ether, BAT and XRP over the last week is not a crisis situation as market analysts and doom-sayers want me to believe.

I don't see the plummeting markets as something that has given me a golden shower but embrace the chance for investment.  Times like these present an opportunity to invest while the time is still at hand.

I will be careful with daily transactions in case any of my favorite cryptocurrencies fall below zero.  Exchanging cryptocurrency of negative value will mean I'm paying instead of receiving value for my trades.

Making a major investment in BAT and Ethereum a few minutes ago isn't causing me much concern, second-guessing or distress except in the case of XRP.

I am now thinking that I should have ripped open my wallet to some Ripple and also bought XRP but will remain content with my enormous purchases until the cryptos all drop to zero and everything goes to hell in a handbasket.

I could have played it safe with the infamous DAI stablecoin but wanted to feel alive and will never regret it in any case.

My pain with cryptocurrency trading feels good and lets me know I am still alive.

It is unwise to believe that all the crypto markets will never rise.  We know from history and experience that it would not be a realistic assessment to paint it black.

And if it all fails?

At least I tried.

Addendum March 28 2020

Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, BAT, Ripple and Ethereum are all in the green today making my the investment I made yesterday more satisfying.

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