Tips and tricks adding #NFT items on #Mintable and viewing in MetaMask

Tips and tricks adding #NFT items on #Mintable and viewing in MetaMask

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 30 Mar 2021

Tips and tricks adding #NFT items on #Mintable and viewing in MetaMask

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Items can be easily added to the Ethereum blockchain using the platform.

New items are generally created by selecting 'mint an item' in the menu.  Creating a new item or adding one already contained in the wallet both list the ERC-721 NFT for sale upon completion.  The NFT is available to other users once the process is completed.

Though not available in the menu on the Mintable website, a user can create an item and choose to add the item for sale or just add the NFT to the blockchain by following the link mint and list (  This undocumented link allows the user to decide which store the item is placed or add an NFT without listing for sale.

An unlisted item remains in the blockchain inventory and can be added for sale at any time.

There seems to be much discussion on the forums regarding missing tokens with no answers.  Not seeing your previously created NFT in your MetaMask wallet is normal.  The MetaMask wallet only listens for NFT transaction and doesn't display evidence of items until something happens.

Viewing Your Mintable ERC-721 NFT

You can confirm your item exists by checking the Etherscan.  Entering the Address and Token ID in MetaMask will display the token in the MetaMask wallet but it will subsequently disappear after you exit viewing the entry by leaving the wallet. The token doesn't persist in the wallet because it is not an actual transaction. Any sale or transfer will be recorded on the blockchain and will remain visible in the MetaMask wallet. Only recorded transactions will remain in the MetaMask wallet.

Viewing my latest item created for sale on Animated 3d gold #BTC Coin #NFT' #NFTArt by #NFTArtist in MetaMask is described below.

BTC animated gold coin


See the following example to view an item in the MetaMask wallet.  The data in the illustrations have been slightly altered and is only used for demonstration purposes. 

Viewing an item in MetaMask

Metadata for the item contains the address and token ID for the item that can be viewed in the MetaMask wallet.  The first image shows that there is no collectible in the wallet although one does exist.



Adding an asset to the wallet in this case is only used to view an NFT ERC-721 token that already exists.

 The item viewed below can be transferred to another location although it would incur a gas fee at that stage.  The transaction record would be a permanent addition to the MetaMask wallet.

 The NFT is visible after adding the correct address and token ID of the item. 

Creating a series of a specific amount will not necessarily show up in your wallet either.

Items that are part of a series will all be invisible in the MetaMask wallet except for any NFTs transferred or sold.

Some of the NFTs I created were entered as auction items and disappeared from the listing when the auction ended.  The items that are sold, removed, or expired in an auction are no longer visible in the current listing but will remain in your NFT wallet listing at

My current listing at current listed items only displays the items that are currently available for sale.

Items can be returned to sale listing using the metadata available located for each NFT wallet listing at  The only data needed to return the item to the sale listing is the address and token ID.


Only NFT items that have been transferred or sold on the Ethereum network may be visible in a MetaMask wallet.

Items that have expired in an auction or have been manually removed can be listed for sale using the metadata associated with a previously created NFT.

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