The Tipping Process Will Soon Be Changed At Publish0x For The Better
The Tipping Process Will Soon Be Changed At Publish0x For The Better

The Tipping Process Will Soon Be Changed At Publish0x For The Better

By Smoljanovic | Smoljanovic | 26 Mar 2020

Redesigning The Tipping System


Imagine how much better the tipping system would be if authors tipped out of their own pocket.

Revenue would no longer be generated by scrupulous account duplication and deserving authors would be properly rewarded more often than not if funds were personal.

There are no statistics regarding duplicate fraud that I am privy to but it is logical that assume that fraud in that area would no longer be a concern for the platform if there was.

But Wait

Revamping the tipping process is already in the design stage and will only complement the model which currently exists.

Who To Tip

I admit to not always tipping the authors that deserve it most while on a busy schedule where there is not sufficient time to analyse the articles I read on Publish0x more thoroughly.

I have seen many comments on the platform and Telegram groups where authors openly attempt to create a type of covalent bonding with the intention of tipping each other on a regular basis.  The buddy system would not work as efficiently if the tipping came from their own funds.

Authors who consistently publish quality content should receive the highest percentage of tips and readers.  Nobody wants to follow the author of poorly constructed articles, but tipping is not primarily an issue when the funds belong to someone else.

Unworthy articles may undeservedly be tipped by others but most likely don't get followed unless the reader has a penchant for that.

The tipping scene would dramatically change for the better if the tips were not sourced primarily from the platform.

Many quality articles can easily fall through the cracks undetected during an onslaught of articles at any given time and I realize that I should take a little time out to check them out more carefully and promise to do so in the future.

Begging For Tips

As I mentioned somewhere before, the use of adding TIPPED to posts on the Telegram groups is increasing. It looks unprofessional and is openly breaking the rules.

I am more likely to overlook an article that begs for tips or simply exists for the purpose of circulating reference links.

Reference links are acceptable in moderation and should not overshadow the article itself.

Authors who consistently create high quality content will ultimately earn more revenue than using begging as leverage.

What I Want To See In An Article

An article doesn't need to always entertain me or make me laugh as it wouldn't be fair if I wasn't in a good mood at the time of reading.

An article should at least give me a good reason for taking the time out to read it.

Adding the value of teaching me something in a unhindered, concise and structured way mostly likely earns a tip.

Brave Browser And Basic Attention Revenue

It is also a no-brainer that using the Brave browser will generate more revenue for authors here on Publish0x and allowing for synchronization over various operating systems so it would be wise to look into that.

Revenue gained while reading and tipping  articles are supplemented by using the Brave Browser using the built in Basic Attention Token type advertising and increases the overall profits that are possible.

Staking And Trading

Staking and trading will even be easier for Brave users as soon as the regular edition is updated.  You can get a sneak peak if you use the nightly version of Brave.

Basic Attention Token BAT earnings are the only cryptocurrency available via Brave.  The tipping process involves only DAI and BAT at this time but will hopefully add Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple in the future.

I will not provide my referral link to the Brave browser for profit because I am also trying to drive home the point that profit should not be the only motivational factor of being an author on the Publish0x platform.

Final Thoughts

I am looking forward to the new tipping model that is in the works here at Publish0x and believe it will drastically change the balance of things.

Lastly, years of experience with website hosting has shown me that adding referrals to an article is meaningless unless you can prove to be somebody.

Refresh your browser. 


Comments are welcome and thanks for reading!

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