Superluminal Gamma Ray Bursts May Allow Us To Go Back In Time
Superluminal Gamma Ray Bursts May Allow Us To Go Back In Time

Superluminal Gamma Ray Bursts May Allow Us To Go Back In Time

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 24 Mar 2020

Time Is Not A Fourth Dimension Puzzle Piece Of The Universe


Bruce Banner was transformed into the Hulk after his dad messed with his DNA and subjected him to gamma rays in the fist movie about the Hulk that everyone involved pretended never happened.  I preferred the 2008 reboot in which we were informed that a team was being put together and was the precursor to the Marvel Universe we know and love today.

What Gamma Rays Are

Of the electromagnetic spectrum, gamma rays have the shortest wavelength and impart the highest photon energy and are the consequential result when atomic nuclei goes through radioactive decay. 

Gamma rays are ionizing radiation and are therefore biologically hazardous and will not actually turn someone into the Hulk as portrayed the cinematic Marvel Universe.  The high penetration power of gamma rays easily damage internal organs without the protection of lead shielding unlike Alpha and Beta rays.

X-rays happen outside of the nucleus in sharp contrast to the gamma rays which are created by nuclear decay.

Causes Of Gamma Rays 

Natural Gamma

Most of the naturally occurring gamma rays on our planet is a direct result of radioactive decay and interaction between our atmosphere and cosmic ray particles.

Artificial Gamma

Artificial sources of gamma rays can be created by fission in nuclear reactors and neutral pion decay in nuclear fusion.

Gamma Ray Bursts At Superluminal Speeds

It is already old news that one of the ways gamma rays are produced is by the collision of neutron stars.  There are theories of other hypothetical objects such as quark stars that may also produce the gamma bursts but the hypothetical stuff will not be pertinent to this article.

Researchers found 6 exceedingly powerful gamma-ray bursts in the data from a NASA Compton Gamma Ray Observatory where complex time-reversible wavelike structures were discovered.

Findings clearly showed some of the gamma ray bursts repeated themselves as though they were going back in time.  New studies suggest that a possible answer for the apparent time reversal is that relativistic jets which produce the bursts travel faster than the speed of light.

A wave could travel at superluminal speeds through a gamma ray burst without breaking the rules of relativity. 

Gamma ray burst pulses should have provided conclusive evidence that time does not move in only one direction, but as we all know, theories can not be proven like mathematics can.  Theories simply evolve and update our understanding of things as more information becomes available over time.

The existence of gravitational waves have been generally accepted for over 50 years but the actual detection has not been done until Sept 2015 by LIGO.  LIGO is an acronym for Laser Inferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory.

LIGO measured the ripples produced by the swirling and merging of 2 black holes 1.3 billion light years away.  Lining up lasers gave LIGO the ability to detect changes in the shape of space-time as tiny as 1/10000 of the diameter of a proton.

Time Is Not A Dimension 

Special relativity example explanations often are misconstrued suggesting that time is the 4th dimension.  Time is not now or will ever be a dimension.

Possible Dimensions

  • The Linear Dimension

Dimension 1: A line represents only 2 possible directions including left and right.


  • The Planar Dimension

Dimension 2: The plane, boss, has 4 directions adding forward and backward to the properties of the first dimension.   The four possible directions can only happen on one flat plane.


  • The Cubic Dimension

Dimension 3: The cube has a total of 6 directions by adding up and down to the properties of the plane and represents material objects as we perceive things in life except when we are reading 2D Marvel Comics.


  • The Tesseractic Dimension

Dimension 4: The tesseract is a four dimensional object, which doubles as an infinity stone in the Marvel Universe, is the result of adding inward and outward to the 3rd dimensional state.  The tesseract is often the most difficult to envision of all the dimensions. 




The speed of light may exceed the speed barriers imposed without even dismantling the laws of relativity.

Time is not the factor which makes the tesseract possible nor exists as a dimension.  It is obvious that time is common in all 4 dimensions and does not fit together as a puzzle piece with the first 3 dimensions to somehow create a 4th.  Time can be equally common to each of the 4 dimensions. 

Final Thoughts

Be certain you have the time before taking on a project such as "time".

After creating a black cube on a transparent background, I repainted each of the 150 frames a shade of red after considering the possibility the animation may be incorrectly viewed in a dark browser mode.  Repainting each frame certainly removed a few moments from my life.

I received an official No Prize that was autographed by a much younger Stan Lee when I was a kid for attempting to prove that the Hulk would have been a deaf Marvel character.  I argued that his ear drums would have to be very thick to not sustain the same damage he caused on others when clapping his hands hard.  Thick eardrums would not be conducive to efficient hearing.

The No Prize was merely an envelope with a special seal indicating what it was.  I am sad to have lost track of that Prize.  It would have probably been worth a fortune today.

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, Basic Attention Token, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple will do fine today without me writing about them.  I have officially taken a day off from crypto to contemplate a dream I had the previous night which prompted me to write a little about time.

There is much crypto stuff in my other article posts you can find in my links below if that is what you are looking for.

Optionally, you may visit my future post to discover how The ManBearPig Just Wants To Get You.


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