Publishing Popular Quality Content On Publish0x Tutorial

Publishing Popular Quality Content On Publish0x Tutorial

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 9 May 2020

Publishing Popular Quality Content On Publish0x Tutorial 


The importance of writing quality articles.

Nobody really wants to waste their time reading articles that were hastily written for the purpose of a earning few crypto tokens.  Every published article on the Publish0x platform is a testimonial to the author that wrote it.

Everything an author writes on Publish0x will follow them and shape their reputation as explained in Recipe For Success As A Distinguished Publish0x Article Author.

It is surprisingly easy to separate the high quality content articles from the rest of the feeble attempts to earn a few micro-tokens.

Essential elements of feature worthy content:


  • Creating a timeless classic.

    A news event that has already been published by the most prominent authors will have only a glimmer of hope satisfying even the most avid Publish0x reader unless they just awoke from a coma or returned from an isolated safari.

    It should be no mystery that news isn't very feature worthy when it is no longer new.

    An article containing a treasure trove of information that a reader can use for future reference after reading once is priceless and feature worthy at any time.

  • Writing with style.

    Having the ability to write unique content on Publish0x will get you noticed as an author on the platform.  Authors who consistently publish quality content that is unique will be considered to be popular more often than the others.

  • Article structure.

    Structure your article to present information in an easy to read format.  Grouping all your thoughts in one or two run-on sentences or large paragraphs can make it difficult for the reader to follow or understand.

    Make use of proper headings and itemize your article as much as possible to convey clear and concise quality content.

  • Importance of grammar.

    A Publish0x author is expected to be more competent as a writer than someone who is not.

    Grammatical errors are sometimes unavoidable but not proofreading articles can really make an author appear incompetent to readers.

    Little things matter! Incorrectly substituting Your for You’re, It’s for Its, and There for Their can shorten your publishing career or at least keep you out of the spotlight on the Publish0x platform.

  • Most common pitfalls on the platform.

    The intention of merely earning a few tokens with no reason or material to write about will come across to the readers as exactly that!

    The intention to write an article to merely justify adding a few referral links will come across to the readers as exactly that!

    The readers, advertisers and other authors on the Publish0x platform should be treated with respect. Prospective authors that use the platform to promote a get-rich-quick scheme or as a diving board for referral links will quickly get flagged and get the negative attention they deserve.

  • Plagiarism.

    Plagiarism on the Publish0x platform is not a valid way of sharing worthy articles found elsewhere on the internet or other source.

    Stealing and taking credit for an article belonging to another author is highly illegal and won't be tolerated by the platform.

    The quickest way to get permanently banned and branded a thief is to steal the work of another and publish it to Publish0x.

Final Thoughts:

Be open to suggestions or criticism.  The authors who disregard the point of view of the people that read their articles and ban comments will most likely never succeed as quality content publishers.

Authors will be held accountable for every article written.  Your reputation as an author is on the line and begins with your first article published.

Plagiarizing the work of another author is a clear indication that publishing articles should be left to someone else more capable of writing.

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