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Publish0x Platform Articles Tipping And Dark Matter General Relativity Parallels

Publish0x Platform Articles Tipping And Dark Matter General Relativity Parallels

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 3 Feb 2021

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Publish0x Platform Articles Tipping And Dark Matter General Relativity Parallels

Just like dark matter, articles filled with quality content have a significant effect on the surrounding environment.  Dark matter may be invisible to conventional means of detection, but its gravitational effects on visible matter leaves no room for doubt that it does exist.

Yeah, the actual substance of dark matter may not be known, but that point is moot.

I woke up this morning remembering the previous discussion I had with Felix the Cryptonator about light, energy and mass saying that light had no mass giving it no good reason not to travel at C.

Anyway, the effect of dark matter is so intense, that it actually manages to bend the space in which light travels.  I wasn't personally involved with testing that theory, but I believe that light travels through the bent space following the curved path created by the dark matter.  Light itself has no mass, so I contend that only the structure of space is bent by the dark matter.

The only thing I know for sure about dark matter is that it isn't a black-hole, star dwarfs, Thanos, non-luminiferous regular matter, gas, or even Bitcoin Black.

One possibility that springs to mind is that the entire perception of gravity may be flawed.  The General rules for relativity may not even apply in this case.

Articles on the Publish0x platform are a bit like dark matter.  We can't often ascertain why specific articles attract tips like gravity and are often shocked when what appears to be low-quality material earns an inordinate amount of revenue.

The equation becomes even more complicated by the fact that tips are often offered blindly in an effort to complete the daily tipping ritual more quickly.

The lensing affect of the gravitational forces of dark matter are sometimes similar to what the articles on the platform seem to do.  The results can appear distorted but the effects are real even though the substance material is not substantiated.

Putting this enigmatic tidbit of General Relativity through a barrage of thorough testing proves that dark matter undeniably exists.  The substance of the dark matter may be presently unknown but it will be eventually sorted out.

Every article is as different as the readers who read and tip on a daily basis or at least should be if it is original.

Tips will vary greatly from day to day because things don't stay the same or should be expected to.

Receiving a certain amount of tips one day isn't an indicator of what will follow the next.

Their exists no exact formula to calculate the exact gravitational effect on tips an article has as there is with dark matter affecting the surrounding universe, but there are simple guidelines all authors can follow.

The crypto an author receives should generally increase over time proportional to popularity and followers, but each article published produces different results.  Even the best author can never maintain perfection all the time.   An increase in followers invariably mean an increase in tips.

Authors who continuously strive for perfection will eventually attain proportional success be rewarded when overall improvement is a contributing factor.

Problems With Bitcoin And Ethereum

Everything that Bitcoin has succeeded and failed at as a blockchain are the fundamental reasons other cryptocurrencies have been created.  Some cryptocurrencies were created to directly compete with Bitcoin (BTC) while others were implemented to fix inherent problems of distribution and function in general.  Ethereum in particular, is a decentralized blockchain and now the most commonly used blockchain.  The popularity of Ethereum is primarily due to the smart contract functionality it offers.

Ethereum is community-run and not controlled by the team behind it, but  has unfortunately become impractical to use due to the excessive gas fees required to process simple transactions.

Ethereum Upgrades (ETH2)

Ethereum 2 (ETH2) are upgrades intended to make Ethereum (ETH) more sociable, sustainable and possibly more secure.  The upgrades are like a puzzle piece designed to unlock the true potential of the current Ethereum network that we now love and hate.

The Beacon Chain allows staking to Ethereum and makes other upgrades possible.  Shard chains should basically expand capacity of the network.  The Ethereum mainnet is planned to dock with the Beacon chain in the future to enable staking for the network as a whole and remove the need for the power-hungry mining that makes the current system suck.

Bitcoin Black 

Bitcoin Black aka BCB is another mysterious force to reckon with although a whitepaper attempts to put all the details into perspective.  The Bitcoinblack coin is expected to reach IEO in March and should remarkably impact the cryptosphere if in fact it will be used as intended.

The Bitcoin Black coin is intended to replace the current money system as we know it, and not as a get rich quick scheme that other cryptocurrencies are known for.

Remember to use Presearch if you value privacy when online.

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