Perfect Timing To Withdraw BAT

By Smoljanovic | Smoljanovic | 3 days ago

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Perfect Timing To Withdraw BAT

I was short a few KR to pay an upcoming Microsoft 365 invoice later this month.

My earnings here at Publish0x have not been optimum but have actually saved me in this particular situation.

The earnings up to today were a little under 10 EU.  10 Euros is the minimum amount I can withdraw from my Uphold account to any of my 5 physical bank accounts.

I had a page on my Brave browser in one of my tabs that was monitoring the token price of BAT.  While I was busy working on my traffic exchanges, I accidentally tabbed to that page that I opened a few days ago watching how BAT was slowly losing value.  I decided to refresh the page and was shocked at the result!

The value of BAT was climbing quickly as you can see in the following snap-shot I took a few hours ago.  I was easily able to withdraw my BAT to my Swedish bank account.

BAT value this afternoon

Needless to see, the withdrawal to my bank will more than cover the Microsoft bill that will be collected this month.

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