Overcoming The Coronavirus Is The Only Viable Solution For The Survival Of Mankind
Overcoming The Coronavirus Is The Only Viable Solution For The Survival Of Mankind

Overcoming The Coronavirus Is The Only Viable Solution For The Survival Of Mankind

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 2 Apr 2020

Overcoming The Coronavirus Is The Only Viable Solution For The Survival Of Mankind.

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Fight or flight response also known as hyper-arousal and acute stress response is the first stage of the general adaptation syndrome among most vertebrates and other organisms and is a normal reaction to life threatening situations.

The coronavirus no longer psychologically affects us the same way it did when it it was first announced to the world, but mankind is still faced with the same two important choices when dealing with it.

Survival of mankind will be dependent on how the coronavirus situation is handled.

I can run faster than a microbe but it would be impractical  and incorrect to assume that running from it will make a difference.

Avoiding contact with the Covid19 is only a temporary fix and does not permanently solve the problem and merely bides a little time for research and preparation.

It is apparent that the coronavirus is asymptomatic and affects each individual differently.  Some people simply lack an effective primary line of defense while others have overactive immune systems such as in the case of Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers . 

The severity of virus for the victims infected is different in each case and dependent on the competence of their immune system.

Coronavirus Affects Everyone

It is notable that the virus concentrates on the old and weak but also strongly affects others in some cases.  Old and sick patients are more likely to develop fatal pneumonia although younger individuals have suffered the same fate.

The immune system is the first line of defense against the coronavirus.  People other than the sick or elderly are susceptible to the virus and other pathogens, especially when the immune system is not at optimum capacity.

Avoidance At A Cost

Governments in some case are effectively fighting the good fight by requiring people to practice isolation and social distancing.  Some communities are even gaining ground in this effort to slow the rate of contagion.

The consequential result of the current focus should most likely bide enough time to develop medicines and prevent stressing out the health care sector to capacity but at a cost.

Fortifying The Immune System

The cost of solely utilizing isolation, social distancing and hand-washing may jeopardize other factors of even more importance such as the practice of fortifying the immune system to minimize the carnage.

Adjusting our life styles to promote better competency of immune systems should be universally accepted and taught.  Even small doses of vitamin C is thought to be effective and has been the subject of controversy.  Even if the vitamin supplement failed to promote better immunity, it would not make the condition any worse.

Coronavirus vaccines will most likely be developed as is usually the case.  Even if a universal vaccine is adopted although the race to control the rapid mutation of the RNA may be futile.

The race to control the rapid mutation of the RNA may even prove to be futile even if a universal vaccine is distributed to the world.

We are at constant war with pathogens and like I said in an earlier post, COVID-19 Is Real Like The ManBearPig And It Just Wants To Get You.

Mankind Must Evolve

Efforts to colonize Mars by the great Elon Musk will all be in vain if mankind failed to stop the little microbes.  The fact that some individuals have an immunity to the virus demonstrates that mankind will most likely prevail in this global catastrophe of 2020.

I won't be around to see interplanetary colonization come to fruition but hope my offspring may witness it some day. 

Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Markets

The coronavirus has not only ravaged the lives of many innocent people but also has toppled the economy along with the cryptocurrency markets.  The blockchain and virtual cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and BAT along with the smaller players have experienced a sharp decline but are slowly once again gaining ground as the world recovers from the initial shock of the catastrophic events.

Final Thoughts

Considerable investment in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple XRP and Basic Attention Token will mean squat if I lose my family and loved ones.

I recently registered an Argent wallet and plan to move the contents to family in case the world passes me over.

The outcome of this endgame will be chronicled by historians far into the future.  Mankind must evolve to become a more resilient species or die trying.

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