#NFT minting on Singapore based #Mintable.app is available to all international users and not restricted to USA
#NFT minting on Singapore based #Mintable.app is available to all international

#NFT minting on Singapore based #Mintable.app is available to all international users and not restricted to USA

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 6 Apr 2021

#NFT minting on Singapore based #Mintable.app is available to all international users and not restricted to USAjust a line

Singapore based Mintable.app is not restricted to the USA as the 'terms of use' on their website shockingly implies.

Mintable.app was one of several NFT platforms reviewed in the article by a Publish0x author a few days ago.  The author mentioned users must be at least 13 years old and a USA resident to register and use the services of the Mintable platform.

Minting over 40 NFTs on Mintable gave me reason to be concerned as I live in Sweden and sometimes act like I'm 12 according to reliable sources.

The Mintable Terms of use pdf on the Mintable site corroborated the information the author shared in the article although the actual policy in effect is not accurate.

An excerpt from the document states:

You need to be at least 13 years old and a resident of the United States to register for and
use the Service.

I contacted Mintable a few days ago and received a prompt explanation.

The reply from technical support at Mintable.app arrived today.

Here is the good news I received:


There is no concern. Our terms of service is primarily written for our users located in the US due to regulatory compliance. We are based in Singapore which is very friendly to international citizens.

- Rod

Top 7 Popular Marketplaces for NFTs, Crypto Art & Digital Collectibles is the article mentioning the requirements for Mintable users.

It would have been disappointing to receive a negative response after all the minting I did over the last couple of weeks.

My latest NFT is an animated gold Bitcoin Black cryptocurrency coin that rotates on its axis.  The BCB NFT comes in a dark and light version as depicted below.

Bitcoin Black 3D gold Animated Coin NFT ver. 2

Bitcoin Black 3D gold Animated Coin NFT ver 2

Bitcoin Black 3D gold Animated Coin NFT ver. 3

Bitcoin Black 3D gold Animated Coin NFT ver 3

Work on new designs for each version are in progress.

There are many platforms offering NFT services although Mintable is the most suitable for me at the moment.  Mintable struck me as being one of the more attractive options primarily due to zero cost entry. 

Mintable appears to differ from the traditional 'Decentralized Autonomous Organization' (DAO) in that it is pump and dump resistant compared to regular non-fungible ERC-20 tokens.  Only ERC-721 NFT tokens are used on the platform.  Mintable is one of the few platforms allowing users to mint items at no cost.

Voting is available for each NFT that allowing for yield farming and staking for items that are voted upon.  Nobody has voted on any of my items to date, but I have only been active on the platform for a short while.

10,000 votes on an NFT garners the ability to vote on a proposal.  Voting power is proportionally earned by direct platform participation although I am not personally concerned with any of that.  I am sure the platform will run great without my help.  It is possible to buy votes on the platform but that is beyond the scope of my knowledge of the platform operation.  I basically want to mint my items and get out as quickly as possible.  Working 3 jobs doesn't leave me much time for deeper probing or any extra-curricular activities on the platform.

Reason for the BCB NFT

It was just a random decision to create a BCB NFT.  Here is a little info about BCB if you are not familiar with it.  Be careful not mistaken it for a copy-cat scam site like Bitcoin Black Cash using BBC.  The Bitcoin Black acronym is BCB.

Bitcoin Black (BCB) is a project that first surfaced in 2017 and seems to be getting close to completion.  The BCB organization appears to be in the final stage of adding quantum resistance to their mobile wallets and preparing to deliver the promised airdrop and followed by the anticipated IEO.  Bitcoin Black is a coin that will run on its own network unlike tokens that require Ethereum.

A rumor of a whitepaper revision has recently surfaced in the BCB Telegram group.  The revision is most likely version 2.4.4 that was recently offered to the project for an undisclosed bounty.

Note: I don't have sufficient evidence to prove or disprove legitimacy of the Bitcoin Black project at the moment.

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