My Personal History and Ten Publishing Commandments For Publish0x Authors
My Personal History and Ten Publishing Commandments For Publish0x Authors

My Personal History and Ten Publishing Commandments For Publish0x Authors

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 24 Jan 2021

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My Personal History and Ten Publishing Commandments For Publish0x Authors

I don't recall the precise details discovering Publish0x back on January 3 2020 at 19:08:29 UTC but can ascertain that it was a blessing in disguise. Barky the dog was making a scene next door and the temperature high that day was 6° and the low was 1° on January 3rd a year ago in my little town.  It isn't clear how the banner ad linked to Dan Bainbridge was found. The reason I clicked the banner transporting me to Publish0x was that it looked like a cool place to promote my writing.

I was a free-lance editor that never had the time to write a novel, too busy to put my own words down on paper. The two books I published may have had some so-so material was written with love for my wife to be and certainly wasn't the niche I was looking for. I wager you can probably imagine what the context of my next book will be!

My initial assessment of Publish0x upon arrival was very favorable. I viewed the staff at Publish0x in high regard and observed them working tirelessly to constantly upgrade and maintain a highly efficient publishing platform. Staff were quick to address questions and concerns unlike many similar platforms. Niklas Spille invited me to the Telegram group and answered questions I had about withdrawing crypto and was instrumental in shaping my destiny at Publish0x by introducing me to Igor and Dan.  

To get false ideas out of the way, I don't need to curry favor with anyone to gain brownie points or extra rewards/awards from Publish0x. Acting in an obsequious manner to gain favor or approval is something I will never consider doing. I made an oath on my hammer a few hundred years ago to always be honorable and always act in a dignified manner.

All the team members I have had contact with have always acted in an exemplary and professional manner with everything I've seen to date. Some of the key members prefer to handle business away from the spotlight, so I will refrain from mentioning actual names.

As I previously explained in a couple of my articles, everything you do shapes your reputation and will follow you forever. I have always lived by a code of honor and believe that honesty and transparency is a solid foundation in life.

I began my employment on April 15th of last year and have worked at Publish0x every day non-stop since then. Pushing to improve the quality and quantity of my daily duties regardless of health or other circumstances is a priority that will always be my focus.

Commandment Tips And Tricks For Authors

  1. Every author should treat their fellow authors with respect and understand that diminishing the light of another author will not make their own light shine brighter.

  2. Strive to always conduct yourself with honor and remember that everything you do will be added to your reputation and popularity as an author.

  3. Understand that language should not be an obstacle to success as an author on Publish0x or elsewhere in life. Google Translate is free to use and can help translate articles to English from any other language.

  4. Quality content is important to success. Spamming low quality content will eventually catch up to users that consistently contravene rules.

  5. Articles should not be published in a hasty manner without proof-reading and other error checking. Asking another person to check your article is a great idea. Strive to excel but understand that errors do happen and can happen to anybody and is forgivable. Consistently sloppy work that contains multiple errors is deplorable and will negatively impact your reputation and popularity.

  6. Being unique counts on the platform. It is great idea to look at how successful authors do things as a guideline but not good to steal a style. It is important to work at developing a unique style and carving out an original technique on the platform.

  7. Begging for tips and attention may bring unexpected results and work against you. Strive to consistently publish quality content to build reputation and following.

  8. Spamming should be kept to a minimum. Articles should contain no more than a couple of non-illegal referral links. Low quality spam posts boasting long referral and begging lists may become extinct soon.

  9. Publish0x was initially deep-rooted in cryptocurrency but the platform is gradually making room for all legal subjects and themes. Bitcoin, Ethereum and blockchain themed articles currently have the most popularity but a few popular authors have already demonstrated that other themes can also work once popularity status is established.

  10. Keep in mind that being an ambassador for Publish0x can be profitable and helps the platform grow in every way.  Users can attach their ambassador referral code to any Publish0x article they feel is worthy of promotion.


Other thoughts

Remember that the staff at Publish0x consistently work hard to maintain the best possible platform for members and should be treated with respect.

Other matters

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