Imagine A Limitless Secure Non-Custodial Ethereum Wallet That Uses Easy Addresses
Imagine A Limitless Secure Non-Custodial Ethereum Wallet That Uses Easy Addresses

Imagine A Limitless Secure Non-Custodial Ethereum Wallet That Uses Easy Addresses

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 1 Apr 2020

Imagine A Limitless Secure Non-Custodial Ethereum Wallet That Uses Easy Addresses.  It's easy if you try


I have discussed and scrutinized many wallets in the past and am always open to new technological innovations.

One particularly interesting wallet I came across recently is the Argent software wallet. 

Unique features not found in any other software wallet on the market gave me justifiable reason to give the Argent wallet and a look-see and once-over.

Having the option to use as a wallet address with Argent was the first thing that caught my attention but wasn't the kicker.

One of the key features that convinced me the wallet is a significant game changer was that Argent paid the gas for my in-app transactions.  I was surprised to see the message 'Fee paid by Argent' after doing a quick test with Ether and Basic Attention Token that would have cost me a few percent tacked on to the transaction along with the usual network fee.

Being a bit of a control freak with wallets, one of the first things I did was look for a private key to create a secure backup as usual.  I was surprised to discover that there was no private key per se.

A key is securely stored in my IOS device which was created by combining device security codes and the private key using a secure algorithm although access to it is not available or necessary.  Not having a private key to worry about enhances the overall security of the wallet.

Key features of the Argent wallet:

  • No transaction fees for in-app actions
  • No seed phrase to worry about
  • No long addresses necessary but available
  • Secure storage and transactions of cryptocurrency
  • Option to set a daily transaction limit
  • Ability to quickly lock and unlock
  • Easily access DeFi apps to earn interest

Adding Funds To Argent

Funds 💰 can easily be added from your favorite wallet/exchange or bought directly with the Argent app with $, €, £ using ApplePay, Debit/Credit Card and Bank Transfer.

Tap ‘Add funds’ and then choose:

Argent Wallet Security

One unique feature of the Argent wallet is the ability to assign a trusted person or device known as a Guardians in case you ever need to recover your wallet.. Adding a guardian is an option available in the security section of the Argent wallet.

Recovering your wallet after a disaster such as destruction or loss is easy and can be done simply by requesting access from your guardian.  Argent wallet guardians never have your private keys.  Access is granted upon majority approval.

Most importantly, you are not limited to only choosing people as Guardians Of Your Galaxy.  MetaMask and hardware wallets are a brilliant choice of Guardians if trusting humanoids is an issue.

Defi Explained

The acronym DeFi is derived from the words Decentralized Finance and is essentially tools built on an Ethereum blockchain giving users easy access to the financial sector.

A quick glance at the Argent website indicates users can earn up to 4% interest with Maker and Compound.  I am not interested in making a measly 4% but appreciate the fact the option is available.  Like I said before in this post, 'My pain with cryptocurrency trading feels good and and lets me know I am still alive'.

The erratic fluctuations of the cryptocurrency markets is what draws me in although my days of dabbling in Binary Pairs is a thing of the past.

About The Argent Wallet

The process of initializing an Argent wallet is straight forward with easy prompts from start to finish.

Only an email address and a phone number is requested.  Passwords are not used.  Bio-metrics or codes are used to access your wallet devices depending on how your mobile is set up for your use.


Sending to an address you can easily remember is a nice change from the usual crypto-crapto.  You can still use the long addresses if you want or need to.


The Argent wallet is easily locked and unlocked.  Daily transfer limits can also be set up for even more security.



Seed phrases are conspicuously old fashioned. Writing out seed phrases on paper or using post-it notes defeats the purpose of what we are attempting to achieve in this new age.

People have been warned not to write down passwords for the sake of security but then have inadvertently been forced to write down seed phrases when initializing every wallet I tested so far except for Argent.


Your number on the waiting list is displayed as soon as the registration is complete and may appear daunting but it really takes only a day or 2.  I was emailed within a few hours and given access to the account.


Selecting Contents at the bottom of the Argent app shown me that I had 3 golden tokens available giving me the ability to quickly send them out to someone needing one.

I never had a golden ticket nor needed one.  Patience is sometimes a virtue.


Some wallets and exchanges may not play nicely with the new easy to use wallet address and there may be situations where you would want or need to use the full long alphanumeric wallet address.

Typing my wallet address into any browser quickly brings up the long version of my wallet address and even gives quick access to doing transactions on screen.



Final Thoughts 🤩

We are warned not to write down passwords for the sake of security but are recklessly instructed to write down seed phrases when initializing software wallets.

The wallet may not be able to handle regular Bitcoin and Ripple but it has the capabilities of handling wrapped BitCoin on the Ethereum network.

Outstanding features Of The Wallet:

  • Only you full control assets
  • Easy access to DeFi
  • Easy wallet lock and unlock
  • Easy recovery using Guardians
  • Argent pays the gas for in-app features such as Maker & Compound



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