How Crypto Memes Launched the NFT Craze

How Crypto Memes Launched the NFT Craze

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 18 May 2023

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Memes and NFT Craze

In recent years, the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has experienced explosive growth and widespread adoption.  One phenomenon that has captured the attention of both crypto enthusiasts and the mainstream media is the rise of horribly monikered non-fungible tokens (NFTs).  These unique digital assets have revolutionized the way we think about ownership and provenance, with their origins intertwined with the world of crypto memes.

Advent of Crypto Memes

Crypto memes are humorous and often satirical images, videos, or text-based content that revolve around the world of cryptocurrencies.  Memes serve as a form of digital expression and commentary on various aspects of the crypto industry, ranging from specific coins and projects to the overall market trends and sentiments.  Igor and the Publish0x team have historically created elaborate and interesting crypto meme contests allowing the writers to earn extra cryptocurrency.  I never had a chance to enter contests while I was on the team and then I partially lost interest in writing shortly after leaving.  Authors like PVM enjoy memes and never seem to Publish anything that is not related.  The Publish0x front page currently has mostly meme posts.

While crypto memes thrived on popular article publishing sites like Publish0x, they likewise gained traction on social media platforms.  Communities of Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts congregated to discuss the latest developments and share their thoughts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.  These memes often relied on goofy and familiar images and references to create relatable and entertaining content that resonated with the community.  Personally, I never even liked memes all that much, although I did get into NFTs for a short duration of time.

Marriage of Memes and NFTs

As the popularity of crypto memes grew, various forward-thinking individuals recognized an opportunity to combine the power of memes with the emerging technology of non-fungible tokens. NFTs, built on blockchain technology, allow for the creation and ownership of unique digital assets, effectively establishing scarcity and provable ownership in the digital realm.

Creators and artists started experimenting with transforming their popular crypto memes into NFTs, effectively turning them into limited-edition digital collectibles. By minting these memes as NFTs, they could attach ownership rights and sell them on various NFT marketplaces, opening a new revenue stream for meme creators and providing collectors with a novel form of digital artwork.

In my case, I converted all my animated images and artwork to NFTs to maintain ownership rights.  I purposely requested unreasonable prices so that no NFTs would ever be sold.

Market Impact

The introduction of crypto meme NFTs had a profound impact on the NFT market.  It brought a sense of humor and cultural relevance to the otherwise abstract world of digital collectibles.  Suddenly, collectors and enthusiasts could own a piece of crypto history and display their passion for cryptocurrencies through these digital artifacts.  I hope nobody ever pays a fortune for an exotic NFT then discovers the value vanishes like a puff of digital smoke.

Bitcoin and other crypto meme NFTs also attracted a new audience to the world of NFTs, expanding the user base beyond traditional art collectors. The lighthearted nature of these memes made NFTs more approachable and relatable to a wider audience, resulting in increased interest and participation in the NFT market.

Moreover, the success of crypto meme NFTs sparked a wave of creativity and innovation within the NFT space.  Artists and creators began exploring new ways to leverage memes and popular culture references to create unique and engaging digital collectibles.  This led to collaborations between meme creators and established artists, further blurring the lines between traditional art and digital assets.


While the launch of crypto meme NFTs brought exhilaration and new opportunities, it also presented challenges and controversies. Certain critics argued that the NFT market was becoming oversaturated with low-effort meme-based tokens, diluting the value and originality of the space. Grifters like the orange-stained ex-president scoured images from the internet and had his face pasted on them. The so-called artist and clown car of characters used stolen internet images to create the first installment of NFTs. Moving on to finish my original thought, other critics rightfully raised concerns about the environmental impact of blockchain technology and the energy consumption associated with NFT transactions.

So, yeah, moving forward, the NFT market will likely continue to evolve and mature. I expect to see a greater emphasis on quality and originality as creators strive to differentiate their offerings in an increasingly competitive landscape. The former guy should be in prison soon and should no longer have an active role in desecrating NFT art or destroying the NFT marketplace credibility. And finally, the industry will address environmental concerns by exploring more sustainable blockchain solutions and carbon offset initiatives. There is no reason that capable blockchains cannot join the cause and help alleviate the situation.

NFT collection of my personal art

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The fusion of crypto memes and NFTs has played a significant role in the growth and diversification of the NFT market.  It brought a sense of humor, relatability, and cultural significance to the world of digital collectibles.  While challenges exist, the impact of crypto memes on the NFT space has been undeniable, and should continue to flourish, at least in my humble opinion.

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