Easily Exceed Your Current Publishing Income On Publish0x By Promoting Your Articles
Easily Exceed Your Current Publishing Income On Publish0x By Promoting Your Articles

Easily Exceed Your Current Publishing Income On Publish0x By Promoting Your Articles

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 6 Apr 2020

Easily Exceed Your Current Publishing Income On Publish0x By Promoting Your Articles

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Why Being An Ambassador Matters

Consider the average article publishing daily revenue of each author here at Publish0x to be the equivalent of one gold bar for the purpose of this illustration.

Every Publish0x publisher obviously has their own level of competence and activity on the platform but the overall average earnings by everyone involved equals one gold bar.

Each new referral generates a supplemental revenue that would be equal to 5% of the gold bar mentioned in the example.

At first glance, a mere 5% looks looks small and uninviting, reminding me of the interest rates my bank savings account offered me when I was a kid. 

Mathematics proficiency is not a requirement to understand that 20 is the inverse ratio of 5% and therefore 1/.05 = 20.

Receiving only 20 referrals would generate an additional gold bar to match the one you earned by writing articles and actually double the earnings made by writing articles.

Receiving only 20 referrals a month adds up to 20 x 12 = 240 in a year.  One gold bar is equivalent to 20 referrals.  240 divided by 20 gives a total of 12 gold bars in 1 year for a total of 13 gold bars including the gold bar you received for writing articles.

400 referrals translates to 20 gold bars and  multiplies your Basic Attention Token BAT and Stablecoin DAI by a factor of 20. You only need to get 400 referrals to make your article writing efforts equal only 5% of the total revenue you earn from referrals.

Employing strategic promotional techniques over short periods of time can give you the opportunity to fire yourself and still reap a substantial salary.

I have been exchanging a portion of my Basic Attention Token cryptocurrency earnings to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple XRP and ZRX and find the system is working out great.  DAI Stablecoin is a stable crypto that can be counted on.

How The Ambassador Program Works

The ambassador program contains promotional tools designed to assist with broadening your audience reader base and ultimately increasing your publishing revenue.  Every author has a designated referral code which can be tacked on to any Publish0x article 

Deeper Tracking IDs allow you to analyze and determine what efforts are the most effective when promoting your articles on social media.  A deep tracking ID can be generated for each promotional channel using the dashboard on the Ambassador Program page.

Using different tracking IDs on each social media, forum or newsgroup provides analytical feedback allowing you to maximize your efforts by discovering which channels work best.

Adding an easy to remember name for each social media channel such as Twitter or Facebook into the box provided and clicking generate results in a custom tracking ID that will provide analytical feedback for added benefit.

The leaderboard at Publish0x for April as of April 6 already shows authors receiving between 2 and 27 referrals demonstrating that the idea of getting referrals is not simply a stretch of the imagination.  Additional earnings ranging between 5$ and 40$ for the month is just another bonus to be added to your revenue.

Final Thoughts About The Ambassador Program

The ambassador Program can be utilized marginally to only supplement the income received for publishing articles and collecting Brave Rewards or provide the means to make your writing efforts less important.

Note that the 5% earned from referrals includes both the tips given and those received making that gold bar I mentioned a little heavier.

Remember that you can add referral code to an article link that was written by another author.  It is always good to share articles containing quality content.

There are ways to disguise links to not publicly display the referral code added to links but that will possibly be the topic of another article.

Please note that the Ambassador Program link does not give access to the page until a user becomes a member.  The page supplies analytical data, referral code and website widgets for members only.

I read the Ambassador Program whitepaper and learned that Spock was wise to be an ambassador.

Official Links

Members can contact support@publish0x.com when requiring assistance or offering feedback.  Response time for email inquiries can vary but is usually 24 hours.

General help can also be obtained in the Publish0x Telegram group.  Please refrain from sending direct messages to admins and other members without prior permission or risk being banned and reported for spam.

Publish0x articles can be posted to the Telegram groups only once per post for a little extra exposure.  Failure to comply to rules may result in a banned account.

P0x Ambassadors Community is also available to all users.

Group members can generally help newcomers with many issues.  Account issues are never handled in the Telegram group and should be directed to support via email

Remember to use Presearch if you value privacy when online.


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Comments are welcome and thanks for reading!

Feel free to add your Publish0x articles and join the group at Post Your Publish0x Articles Group and the new Facebook page Publish0x Articles.

Publish0x internal links

How It Works contains a list of other important resources. including Publish0x User Account Reference Guide.

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