Cryptocurrency Graphs Accurately Analyze Historical Market Fluctuations
Cryptocurrency Graphs Accurately Analyze Historical Market Fluctuations

Cryptocurrency Graphs Accurately Analyze Historical Market Fluctuations

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 20 Oct 2020

Cryptocurrency Graphs Accurately Analyze Historical Market Fluctuations

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If the Bitcoin graph displays an inverted isosceles triangle following a 47 degree rise preceded by a "Bart pattern" that extends more than 44 hours, it can only mean that the price will fluctuate in a downward direction unless of course it is on an even day of the week when BTC is 22 degrees out of phase with ETH.

The other mitigating factor affecting the analysis can be when two consecutive fluctuations fail to precede an appropriate swing and create a "Little Dipper" pattern instead of the "Ursa Major" formation.

Graphs are similar to the chalk outlines recording how a body was found at a murder scene.  Data collected from the outlines can never predict how the victim will be buried although there is a slight chance it can tell a story of what really happened when the crime took place.

The ability to predict the future by analyzing fluctuations on a cryptocurrency graph is a lot like tarot card and tea reading.

It would be more reasonable to analyze real world situations when attempting to make sense of it all.

Imagine churning out daily predictions on a daily basis and never predicting the market outcome better than by flipping a quarter.

Not much point in posting information that could potentially earn millions and then top it off with a disclaimer disavowing any responsibility to anything written.

Remember the good old days when authors stood behind their articles? What happened to integrity?

Fluctuations on a cryptocurrency chart are only a recorded reflection of what the markets did. There is no magical information that can conclusively predict what will happen by looking at an old record.

Analyzing real world situations can give you an idea of how the markets may fluctuate.

Cryptocurrency chart predictions are very entertaining but are either right or wrong 100% of the time.

Events can be explained accurately when analyzing a chart although the future is impossible to predict even when looking at real world situations.

Doing your own research is important.  Never employ the services of a cryptocurrency soothsayer.

It is the actual market data that creates the fluctuating patterns visible on a graph, not the other way around.

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