COVID-19 Is Real Like The ManBearPig And It Just Wants To Get You
COVID-19 Is Real Like The ManBearPig And It Just Wants To Get You

COVID-19 Is Real Like The ManBearPig And It Just Wants To Get You

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 25 Mar 2020

COVID-19 Is Real Like The ManBearPig And It Just Wants To Get You


Pathogens don't respond well to attack and find a way to evolve.  It is a constant struggle to keep up with all the new bacteria and virus strains.  

There was a medical case where an individual was in and out of hospitals for treatment of a chronic bacterial infection which could not be eradicated.  Every time a new medicine was introduced, the bacteria became increasingly resistant until the doctors ran out of medications.  The patient eventually died.

The problem with attacking all the things that bug us is that they attack back through evolution.

The Problem With Drugs

In the olden days, even before my time, people were expected to either adapt or die.  A tiny puncture to the protective shell known as the skin could introduce bacteria that could kill you.  No, the bacteria didn't kill everyone but worked hard at eliminating the weak.

Great strides have been made in medicine but at a high cost.  Evolution of pathogens is already limiting and greatly reducing the rate that new effective medicines are created.

I have been diagnosed with a condition known as Rheumatoid Arthritis about 26 years ago.  RA is a condition that affects almost every individual a little differently but has some distinct properties making it somewhat common to all.

Antigens and not pathogens are responsible for the self-destructive effects caused by RA, but the example shows the problem with drugs.   There is no actual cure for RA and not every medicine used to control the disease works for everyone.

I have first hand experience of the evolutionary progress using various immuno-suppressants over a quarter of a century.  My medication can be effective from between a few months to a couple of years but never concedes the fight to do me in.  The disease never says 'OK, I give up and will leave you alone to live your life'.  My body constantly adapts to counter the immino-suppressant drugs I am prescribed.

The positive slant to my medical condition is that I never get sick or catch colds unless my health is severely compromised by a very extended lack of sleep lasting for several days as has happened once upon a time 18 years ago.

My mother and father both died of cancer at an early age and so did a brother and sister. My sister was a doctor and one year older. My brother was one year younger. I was spared by developing RA.

My current medication is not working any longer and the optimal choices of potentially dangerous immino-suppressants is dwindling for me.

Pathogens are in fact the real live personification of the ManBearPig.  Just like the Al Gore character eloquently explained in the Southpark masterpiece episode #145, 'ManBearPig is real and he just wants to get you!' 

Pathogens Will Always Exist

Historical Pandemics

Covid-19 is just one of those viruses mankind has not been able to quickly overcome.  This pandemic is not the first nor will be the last.  A flu virus killed 50 million people worldwide in 1918.

The Spanish flu is a parallel to what we are facing today.


We must adapt or die.  The blatant overuse of antibiotics are to blame for the high resistance of the pathogens we are being subjected to.

There is conclusive evidence showing that there are more favorable results treating a tumor with chemotherapy when it's growing and leaving it alone when it is inactive, making control a better option than eradication.  

 We are extremely lucky in some cases when spillover viruses from other creatures such as bats have been contained due to the extreme severity of the pathogen by killing the host before it had a chance to infect humans.

It appears the new COVID-19 unfortunately managed to jump the fence!

Final Thoughts

Man has been proficient in propagating the weak but will be challenged more aggressively by the bugs of the future.

Evolution may not be as controllable as it appears on the surface.  The practice of medicine will need to be overhauled and conducted without merely being more aggressive than the pathogen.

Mankind will need to adapt or become more clever.

There is no point in creating a Utopian world  where we can enjoy the advent of cryptocurrency, blockchain, Ethereum and Basic Attention Token if there is no one left on the planet to benefit from it.

The strong may eventually prevail on the evolutionary front but at a cost to the rest.

Maybe there is a way to go back in time and fix things.

Stay safe!



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