Brave Brendan Eich Browser Overturns Advertising with Basic Attention Tokens Digitally
Brave Brendan Eich Browser Overturns Advertising with  Basic Attention Tokens Digitally

Brave Brendan Eich Browser Overturns Advertising with Basic Attention Tokens Digitally

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 14 Feb 2020

Brave Brendan Eich Browser Digitally Overturns Ads with Basic Attention Tokens

Brave Brendan Eich Browser Overturns Advertising with Basic Attention Tokens Digitally

The Advent Of Digital Advertising

Advertising has entered the digital age with the advent of the Brave Browser thanks to the controversial Brendan Eich who paved the way for me to use JavaScript on my websites.

No longer will the advertising industry be allowed to bombard Brave readers with pesky and pervasive ads that mysteriously rise from the ashes after being blacklisted by ad blockers.

I expect that all other browsers will relinquish their hard-line stance and follow suit or die in the competition for world browser dominance.

Looking Back At Advertising

I remember the days when most of my advertising revenue came from a now defunct advertising agency known as AdHexa. AdHexa surprised me with ads that generated more income than most of the other competitors at that time.

Long gone is the day when a click on a banner generated significantly more than a just a few pennies.  Ads in those days met very little resistance to readers and were actually welcomed before the uprise of the sneaky ads.

I was running some traffic exchanges and employing AdHexa to supply ads when a series of complaints started pouring in from my members. Mendacious ads were targeting my mobile users bypassing my r-ad-ar. My view of the advertising campaigns were confined to what I saw on my desktop computer. The pervasive ads launched by AdHexa were making my sites practically impossible to navigate.

My sites were relentlessly bombarded with interstitial ads which fully takeover a user’s phone screen or browser window making my website members drop like flies.

I found it almost impossible to successfully land on any of my sites without being transported to the Apple or Android Playstore store using any of my mobile devices.  My phone at that time was smaller than the (4.4 pound) 2 KG model my nerdy friend Bill had strapped to his waist at work.  We watched in awe as he proudly ambled around like a pregnant platypus at a 19 degree angle.  I never called his mobile to initiate a social conversation because his cell phone plan provider charged a few dollars a minute for calls or at least he told us so.

AdHexa had unfortunately crossed the line and pushed me too far.  It was sad because the revenue I received from AdHexa actually exceeded that of any other advertising agency.

A support ticket was placed while I suspended all their ads and hoped for a quick resolution regarding the malfunction of my AdHexa account user settings.

My hopes dwindled when realizing that I must either do it according to AdHexa recommendations or make very little revenue being a nice guy. The agency recommended I stab and clobber my members with all the sneaky interstitial, pop-over and pop-under ads available at my disposal or move  to another agency.

I decided to stand tall and strong with the loyal members of my websites and chose to remove the offending ads and be a little less rich.  AdHexa was removed from my portfolio putting me back at square one on the advertising front.

There were many advertising agencies to choose from at that sad time in my life but one click on an ad no longer bought me a cup of coffee.

Ad revenues continued to decline after those days and were met with increasingly complex ad blockers. Both scenarios painted a lose-lose situation meaning that cost per click known as CPC fell while more ads were blocked.  I  receive only a fraction of a small percentage of ad revenue thereafter.

It was apparent that traditional advertising methods attracted all sorts of problems including fraud and mistrust.

I am currently phasing out a long time ad agency that I have been using. I say phasing but really mean searching for all the forgotten scripts in unknown locations on my servers responsible for delivering ads to my readers. I will track them down and ruthlessly eliminate them.

Brave browser now ingeniously blocks tracking scripts and other malware that spies on the things that should be private in your life.

The concept of being encouraged to click on ads shown on my own websites blows me away. I remember being pepper-sprayed with warnings of account cancellation when accidentally clicking on unavoidable ads that suddenly popped up out of no where with many ad agencies that I somehow tolerated in the past.

Yes, the Basic Attention Deficit Token is awesome indeed. I say deficit because my attention is somewhat lacking. I remember missing the notification many times and loudly exclaiming some carefully chosen loud expletives.

The New Advertising Era

Brendan has ushered in a new era that will undoubtedly change the face of advertising.  Users, Publishers and advertisers will all benefit from a new congruous relationship impervious to the fraud and mistrust that is rampant in the world today.

The Basic Attention Token will unquestionably improve the overall efficiency of digital advertising by creating a more harmonious relationship between all parties digitally and efficiently on the Ethereum blockchain.  Cryptocurrency has outdated traditional money and trading with wheat or rice. Many virtual cryptocurrencies such as Ripple XRP provide low cost transactions which are much faster than the Bitcoin network can ever offer.

Changes to the advertising and web browsing industry will prove to be as significant as Bitcoin was to the decentralization of the financial sector.


Related Splinters

Users of the publishing platform here at Publish0x are already enjoying the major benefits of the Basic Attention Token and the new digital advertising methods.

Testing my attention deficit and paying me to read articles as well as writing them is a ground-breaking accomplishment that can only be surpassed by paying me to read my own stuff.


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