Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Trading and Success with Referrals

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Trading and Success with Referrals

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 2 Jul 2023

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Trading and Success with Referrals



Cryptocurrency trading and success with referrals are two issues that I pondered since registering with Publish0x four years ago.

Retiring for the night yesterday after experiencing a wonderful day with the kids, I happened to not follow my standard procedure of counting crypto coins levitating over a fence using zero g-forces to induce sleep.  What seemed to be an anomaly in the earning pattern of my personal referrals weighed heavily on my mind prompting me to jot down countless notes throughout the night rapidly fill the gaps between the headers in the outline and constructing my usual method of writing a new Publish0x article.

Personal referrals and trading advice lingered in my thoughts with the obvious realization that the inability to control every aspect in life can and will affect success in most situations.

Most every experienced Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trader are aware that emotions can, although not always do, impact the process of trading and requires careful consideration and coping skills.


The initial shock following failure with referrals can lead to denial and underestimating the potential benefits of earning using referral programs.  A positive outlook for me didn't occur until I had an adequate understanding of the referral processes.  In my case, receiving 36 new Presearch referrals seemed to generate no income and appear to be a waste of time.  Reading the details and realizing that new referrals needed to maintain an account for 30 days made the difference between success and failure, prompting me to continue the referral program after abandoning it for a short time.

Most seasoned Publish0x cryptocurrency and Bitcoin traders are probably aware that denial plays significantly with emotions and reasoning abilities right at the onset.  Refusing to acknowledge the reality of a market downturn or the potential risks associated with their investments.  Methods for maintaining a positive outlook are as diverse as the individual trader.  All I can say with some degree of certainty is that staying informed and being realistic is the best approach.  I once wrote a sarcastic article regarding how to earn by properly reading charts and graphs when trading.  There is no magical information or formula that can conclusively predict what will happen by looking at an old record.

Destructive emotions

Yeah, it sucks when you experience rage with your eyes closed, and telekinetically turn nobs, flick switches and open and slam shut cabinet doors and shelves in the kitchen.  Anger, when investments take a downturn often cloud judgement, and lead to irrationally decisions.

Similarly, referral efforts can be obliterated with one fell swoop if anger due to lack of info is allowed to hinder normal progress of referral activities.  It is generally advised to channel negative energy into constructive actions rather than crying over spilled vodka.


Being careful not to suggest that I have ultimate trading knowledge and insight, success in both trading and referral efforts have a better chance when strategies are adjusted for market conditions.


The virtue of patience in volatile markets is obviously an important consideration, but I somewhat disagree with the mainstream thought suggesting it is a crucial aspect.  It is what it is, and all the patience in the world will not change a situation that may inevitably fall a long time down the road.


I value resilience above patience and believe that staying motivated during the downturns is more important.  Setbacks are great fuel for motivation and moving forward.  Sticking with it through thick and thin makes all the difference in the world.


Remember to reflect on your cryptocurrency journey and celebrate when success finally arrives.  Staying positive and persistent increases the chances you won’t end up living in a van or under a bridge.


Personal growth and development as a trader are largely determined by actual experiences.   Learning from mistakes is crucial when preparing trading and referral strategies.  Education is integral and provides some of the building blocks for success.  Strategy is crucial for trading and referral success.

And as for me personally, a diversified portfolio with Binance and Bitget has dramatically increased my earnings.

Publish0x ambassador signups have taken a dramatic downturn over the last few months because the articles I write are not well targeted outside of Publish0x as they were in previous years.  It is a work in progress, and I expect to get back to normal soon.

Honeygain, Presearch and Litepick referrals have made a staggering difference and become lucrative for the fist time in my crypto experience.  The Litepick and Honeygain referrals have generated more income than I can directly earn using the services directly.

I will be on summer break with family for a couple of weeks soon but may sneak in a few articles during that time.

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