Bitcoin Black Pre-Sale Is Over But The Airdrop Registrations Continue
Bitcoin Black Pre-Sale Is Over But The Airdrop Registrations Continue

Bitcoin Black Pre-Sale Is Over But The Airdrop Registrations Continue

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 22 Jan 2021

The Bitcoin Black pre-sale at 1/6th the cost is finally over as members are quickly approaching the target of 1,000,000 registered members.  The BCB group estimates the IEO date to be some time in March although a simple extrapolation shows that it may even be sooner than that.

The stage 6 pre-sale previously offered 100,000 coins for 0.00506509 BTC with a cap at 15 maximum packets per member.  I bought only 1 packet which cost about $180 USD and was contemplating buying more when the sudden announcement occurred.

Even better news is the fact the airdrop registrations will continue to happen until BCB reaches the arbitrarily chosen target of 1M members to mark the beginning of the IEO.  No purchase is required for the airdrop of 3,600 BCB estimated at $36 USD.

Only an email address is necessary for the airdrop registration but be warned that security measures will be in place and require a verification using a special code for each individual unique mobile device.

Congrats to all the members that managed to obtain a pre-sale package before the unannounced decision to end the popular event. 

Many people in the BCB Telegram group were disappointed about the sudden announcement, but all is not lost.  There will be another chance to scoop up more BCB when the IEO happens shortly. It will cost 6 times more but still be worth it.

I initially did my part in promoting the BCB effort and previously wrote This Is What I Learned After Reading The Bitcoin Black Whitepaper on January 17 primarily because the project made sense and would be a great alternative to the currently reigning Bitcoin.  I am not sure how they managed to pull off such a grand project with a sub-standard whitepaper, but I'm happy they did.  The technical details were sound although the grammar hammer should have been applied.

I didn't expect to get such a positive response from friends and family. Family members bought several packets at about 1,500 SEK here in Sweden. Paul Mihalache managed to secure 6 sub-affiliates and was also my very first affiliate.

Here is the actual current number of pending airdrops.  The numbers are increasing at an accelerated rate.

I edited the airdrop links to show the actual registration page - Get Airdrop

Bitcoin Black will surpass Bitcoin! Get $36 worth of Bitcoin Black FREE!

Bitcoin Black to surpass Bitcoin! Get $36 worth of Bitcoin Black FREE!


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