Bitcoin Black Is Destined To Surpass Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Shortly After IEO
Bitcoin Black Is Destined To Surpass Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Shortly After IEO

Bitcoin Black Is Destined To Surpass Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Shortly After IEO

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 27 Jan 2021

BitcoinBlack Is Destined To Surpass Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Shortly After IEO

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Bitcoin Black aka BCB has many advantages over Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency blockchains that are currently in existence.

The underlying initiative behind Bitcoin Black is what will set it far apart from the others.
The true value of BCB will ultimately stem from what it has to offer.

Bitcoin is the patriarch of cryptocurrency that has been established long ago and currently manages to reflect the mindset of users attempting to make a quick profit. Twitter and Facebook tech giants prove it doesn't take much of a high-profile media report to instill hysteria and shatter the mass illusions of fortune on a weekly basis.  Fortunately, the sheep quickly rebound from the hysteria and continue on their merry way in the pastures of society.  

Bitcoin shortcomings include an uneven distribution and reduced speed complicated by the prioritization of greedy transaction fees. Power is transferred from the majority of users to the big players that manipulate the system making it centralized in that respect.

The success and value of Bitcoin hinges on its ability to remain scarce and the writing on the wall is becoming more clear.  Being sufficiently scarce will be an impossible task that will eventually be a precursor to better things when failure results.

BCB is focused on empowering the majority of small players in the ecosystem. Wide distribution and mass adoption is the focal point of Bitcoin Black. BCB was never intended to be a get-rich quick scheme but was designed to promote an efficient monetary transfer system for use by everyone in the crypto ecosystem.

BCB strives to be a truly decentralized and autonomous network free of the current manipulation of the dominating financial institutions and cryptocurrency blockchains including the new brand of Ethereum yet to come.  Ethereum 2.0 will improve on the older version but not be enough to bring it to the top.

A community driven project that solves the existing problems complicated by greed and manipulation is a welcomed prospect.

The biggest advantage that the decentralized and censorship-resistant Bitcoin Black has over Bitcoin is the inherent design. Bitcoin Black is designed to be fee-free, and user friendly payment system that is transparent and corruption-resistant.

Admittedly designed using Nano block lattice network technology, each node has its very own compact blockchain updating only the latest balances keeping storage to a minimum and increasing the overall transaction speed capability.

A truly global peer-to-peer payment system that eliminates the middleman while providing instant transactions will be the key to the mass adoption expected at IEO.

It is yet to be seen how the Bitcoin Black network will guarantee a fair distribution and prevent manipulation and price distortion but I imagine the free-airdrop to 1,000,000 users is the starting point.

There have been several stages of BCB pre-sale events in the past. Pre-sales are finally over and a reminder that the IEO is close at hand.

Member registration is still available and airdrops are free requiring only an email address.

NOTE:  The airdrop happens when 1,000,000 users are registered.  The coins will be delivered at that time.  Estimated time that the airdrop concludes and pays the coins is March.

Here is the actual current number of pending airdrops at BCB.  The numbers are increasing at an accelerated rate.

Join the Bitcoinblack  Rewards Program.

I edited the airdrop links to show the actual registration page - Get Airdrop

Bitcoin Black will surpass Bitcoin! Get $36 worth of Bitcoin Black FREE!

Bitcoin Black to surpass Bitcoin! Get $36 worth of Bitcoin Black FREE!

Final thoughts

The BCB project I endorse is a personal matter done without the consent or approval of Publish0x.

I am not a soothsayer with abilities to peer into future events but just an individual who is looking for a welcomed change in the cryptosphere.  Research of the project shows remarkable possibilities.

There isn't good reason to pass on a no strings attached airdrop even if optimism is lacking.

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