BAT Was Not Designed To Be Traded As A Currency Or Commodity
BAT Was Not Designed To Be Traded As A Currency Or Commodity
BAT Was Not Designed To Be Traded As A Currency Or Commodity

By Smoljanović | Smoljanovic | 3 weeks ago

BAT Was Not Designed To Be Traded As A Currency Or Commodity

BAT is not a digital currency and was never intended to be one

BAT was not designed to be traded as a currency or commodity on external exchanges. BAT is not a  security or digital coin and is not refundable. BAT is simply a token unit meant to be used between users, publishers and advertisers on the BAT platform.

The BAT platform is based on Ethereum technology which introduces a new digitally based block-chain type advertising which has never been accomplished anywhere else previously.

Brave does not encourage or facilitate the trading of BAT on other exchanges.  The BAT was designed for in-house use only.  BAT will obviously be transferred to other exchanges since the unit is being used to pay publishers at Publish0x for articles written and read. 

Have you ever seen symbolic coins or the triangle symbol with the lettering?  It has the words - Basic Attention Token which is obviously where the BAT acronym was derived.

The purpose of the BAT  is to utilized to directly exchange, measure, and verify attention.

Being open-source, the BAT project will continue to get developer input which will undoubtedly add to, and enhance the functionality it already has.  Present functionality include transactions, connection to the Brave ledger system and acquiring ad slots filled with anonymously confirmed ads.

There are infinite possibilities where BAT may be used in the future including other browsers or messaging apps.

I am counting on BAT to make it big in this industry and won't hesitate to jump on board wherever I can.

Yes, I promised a post this yesterday afternoon about a dream I had in my earlier post Back-stabbed with A BAT, but had to scrap the article due to serious article design issue considerations.

Anyhow, the dream I mentioned in the previous post included a vivid scene where Batman was scrubbing my basement floor with a mop for some strange reason.  The dream scene is another reason I chose the graphic created to represent this post.

I have created an animation with a rotating symbolic BAT coin which was only designed to raise eyebrows and interest!  Again, BAT is not digital currency.  

The animated coin was created rotating an image 30 degrees 12 times and was not meant to emblematize a Basic Attention Token.  A BAT is not digital currency in any way.  The animation was just digital candy you can't eat.

With ID and payment in one, the Civic Wallet allows me to leave my physical wallet at home.

I usually provide the links to my 7 free traffic exchanges near the bottom of each post and have finally provided a little info about Lizardsurf in a new post Lizardsurf Traffic Exchange For Website And Blog Advertising.

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