Solana: Next incoming collections and Pixel Invaderz soon!

Pixel Invaderz metaverse will be giving away some brand new tickets to our free mint which will only be accessible if you have a ticket 1 ticket will equal 1 NFT but you will pay the gas, being that Pixel Invaderz and our ecosystem of products are on the Solana blockchain fees are a breeze, costing very little compared to other networks such as Ethereum. Pixel invaderz metaverse NFTs such as our already released 1000 pixel invaderz (which we will be releasing another 9000 of) will earn you passive income from our hodlpool as well as we will have a play to earn strategy game, our own marketplace , airdrops for hodlers & active discord members, collaboration giveaways, our own token for in game plus a DAO token and tons more to come! as we will be updating the game every season based on if the DAO votes for it. Pixel Invaderz is also working on an anti-rug education system to help our hodlers and others in the NFT space not get burned by the inevitable onslaught of rugs and scams that continues to ravage the NFT industry. We hope by spreading the necessary education we believe we can prevent a large amount of scams/rugs happening through properly documenting the rugs around and learning from them and spreading that knowledge to create a smarter and stronger investor base as well as help people start earn and invest on safely and protect their hard earned money!


We at Pixel Invaderz are always excited to have people join in on the fun and we love to hear your feedback join us in our discord and ask any questions or suggest something you would like to see in our next big update!

        Tune into our discord, check out our marketplace and our website plus socials all in one link! here >>>linktr.ee/pixelinvaderz

Friendly community, doxxed & fully transparent team, cool art , more collections and additions to our primary collection (Pixel Invaderz) on their way and so much more! we are extremely happy to be able to offer this really incredible opportunity and thank those who join us!





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Smokey Age of Sam
Smokey Age of Sam Verified Member

I am a team member of The Pixel Invaderz and Age of Sam

Smokey the Pixelinvader
Smokey the Pixelinvader

I love the Solana blockchain as its the best blockchain for gaming because it has very fast transaction speeds and very cheap fees this puts Solana is in a prime position to take over the gaming & metaverse market as it rapidly grows. Which is why i love NFTs like Pixel Invaderz metaverse NFTs that has it all. Pixel Invaderz is a Play to Earn game, NFT collection and your ticket into so much more! We have an awesome ecosystem with different tokens & NFT collections! come visit our discord for more info!

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