Solana: Community and utility for NFTs

Solana has an awesome community which carries out development of games, galleries, metaverses and many more attractions. You can plainly see and speak to the community through so many social media platforms such as reddit, twitter, discord, medium, youtube, tictok and so many more. There are so many ways to link up with the community and be apart of it as well as the fees are very cheap and transaction speeds are extremely fast so there is no barrier to entry price-wise! The Solana ecosystem is diverse and has deep markets and communities as well as NFT platforms and NFT communities, play to earn games and much more!


Solana Ecosystem - Fast & Furious Ecosystem

One of the big emerging sectors of Solana is its NFTs and what comes with them, for instance one of my favorite Solana NFT collections is known as      Pixel Invaderz metaverse, Pixel Invaderz are NFTs part of a bigger picture with a play-to-earn strategy game , a DAO with a DAO token, an in game utility token, more NFT collections such as our drones , spaceship, planets and next 9 generations of Pixel Invaderz NFTs!  currently there are 1000 Pixel invaderz we plan to have 10 generations with 1000 Pixel Invaderz per generation! our other collections will have benefits inside the game as well as Pixel Invaderz will grant advantages to player who own them and play the game. we will also be implementing a hodl pool where your NFT will earn you tokens!


            Read more and all about it on our discord, wiki and socials for more information, giveaways, games, events and so much more!!

                                                                         find all our social and links here>>> 








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Smokey Age of Sam
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I am a team member of The Pixel Invaderz and Age of Sam

Smokey the Pixelinvader
Smokey the Pixelinvader

I love the Solana blockchain as its the best blockchain for gaming because it has very fast transaction speeds and very cheap fees this puts Solana is in a prime position to take over the gaming & metaverse market as it rapidly grows. Which is why i love NFTs like Pixel Invaderz metaverse NFTs that has it all. Pixel Invaderz is a Play to Earn game, NFT collection and your ticket into so much more! We have an awesome ecosystem with different tokens & NFT collections! come visit our discord for more info!

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