Unexpected Partnership Between Steem and TRON - Intriguing!
Unexpected Partnership Between Steem and TRON - Intriguing!

By smegnard | smegnard | 15 Feb 2020

If someone would have told me that Steemit and Tron were going to partner up a year ago I would of laughed and said, "No, that's crazy talk!"

Yet here I am, on February 15th seeing that very news that Steemit and the Steem token is going to be moved over to the TRON network!

What an intriguing partnership! 

With the news floating around recently that Justin Sun has been referring to TRON (TRX) as a "shitcoin" and no major partnerships forming very recently, this comes as very exciting news. 

One of the big selling points on TRON in the past has been that the platform would aggressively be seeking partnerships wherever possible and I feel like today is a big step forward for Justin Sun and TRON.

I have been fairly active on the Steemit platform for over 4 years now, and watched as the platform has evolved time and time again, it's actually very impressive.  With Steem Monsters, SteemBay, and now even SteemLease, this platform always seems to be thinking outside the box and striving to be innovative. 

I'm very bullish with TRON and I think this has only strengthened my stance on TRON and I've been bullish on Steem/Steemit since day one. 

Very excited to see what path these two take together!




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