Lamentations of the bored with the aid of Cannabis

Lamentations of the bored with the aid of Cannabis

By smegnard | smegnard | 15 Feb 2020

"It's a balls against the walls world out there..." I mutter as I stare at the stubble that's starting to grow back on my crotch.

Just then two penises collided and in the center of the struggle appeared a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Just ask yourself, "What lies between the hybrid of man and vegetable? Kollyflower Man... Fuck yes, Kollyflower Man!
There's a throwdown in that Violent Veggie Arena!

I pulled a booger out of my nose today and it was the size of a frisbee... and of course then it made me kill some dude at the mall and stuff him in the trunk of my car. Smash your purple watermelon against all that would stop you in your quest for luminescence.

Why do you taunt me oh ridicule-filled remote control? I sit here and push your sexy red buttons and flip your googly levers... and all you do is taunt me and mock me with sub-par programming and tasty fragmented images on the brightly lit cube in my dungeon.

People always think they're the big cheese until they have to stand up to the monkey wearing an expensive Gorillabreast vest from Men's Warehouse. He strokes his golden gun sucking so intently on that cigarette until it urinates nicotine down his simian throat.

To which I say nay... I say NAY to all of this shit.

Barbara flipping Streisand I'm fucking bored as I waste away in this crippled mind 'o' mine.


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