Getting ready to start a Ketogenic Diet in the next couple of days - Going for a transformation

By smegnard | smegnard | 18 Feb 2020

I am getting ready to start a Ketogenic Diet in the next couple of days and have been flooded with knowledge for about the last week or two.

Will be going for a 75% Fat, 20% Protein, 5% Carb macronutrient spread.

If anyone else has been wondering if they should try this diet and attempt to get some of the insanely positive results that others have experienced on this diet, here are a few youtubers who have greatly helped me understand this new way of life.

  • Thomas Delauer - Very knowledgeable about the science of this diet, is anti-dairy so tries not to overdo the dairy aspect of Keto (which appeals to me greatly).

  • Goody Beats - Shows how to live very realistically on a simple Keto diet without over complicating things.

  • Dr. Eric Berg DC - He's a doctor and he will give you all the medical data and the facts about this diet. Super valuable resource!

  • Jason Wittrock - Aesthetic Bodybuilder and Keto youtuber, has lots of good information on working out and Keto dieting.

  • Ally McWowie - Like Goody Beats except she's very good at being frugal on a Keto diet. She lost 170 pounds on the Ketogenic diet!

So those are a few of my favorites, I hope they help!
I will upload some before and after pictures after I've been on the diet a while and will let you know how I feel on this new adventure!


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