The Crypto Lark loses 1st Place as Twitter's #1 Influencer.

Jeffrey Kaufman of Beta Syndicate

Bull of Binance Street Breaks into 1st Place as Twitter's #1 Crypto Influencer, according to Lunar Crush!

A straightforward influencer who has been climbing the charts recently surpassed one of the most infamous crypto influencers on Twitter, the Crypto Lark. One of the main reasons for his success has been due to his Twitter feed being run wide open, without a filter, and calling things as they really are. His quick rise to fame can also be explained by his great calls on tokens, making great short calls, and giving his followers plenty of heads up on emerging projects, based on actual good projects, not just whoever pays him to shill. In other words, he refuses to take part in unscrupulous skilling that so many other influencers take part in.

He has also been caught from time to time, calling out bad projects and scams openly on his feed. This can sometimes turn into a good show, watching some influencers melt away after shilling a scam project.

Bull has done well for his followers and it shows - becoming number 1 is no easy task!

Just to get into the top 10 on Twitter as an influencer in crypto is no small feat! The top 20 isn't all that easy either.

To get to the top position, as Twitter's #1 influencer (According to Lunar Crush) you have to be doing something right!

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