Cornering the NFT Market | The Project Leading The Way

Cornering the NFT Market | The Project Leading The Way

Ready to have your mind blown?

Seems like everyone is getting into the NFT business. Just recently, Bakery Swap opened its own marketplace for NFT artists and the Blockchain project Harmony opened its own Gallery called DaVinci. Since NFTs started booming, countless tokens have launched all geared towards NFT marketplaces.

Most of what we see happening in this industry today is entirely focused on digital artists, slick-looking digital trading cards, and a few other oddities. All of these things are great and a good step in the right direction, but something is missing. Something that very few people are talking about or are even aware of. 

As a NFT Artist myself, working in digital hand-painted artwork and having grown up in a very artistic family, I almost immediately questioned the security of my original work. While I know how NFTs work, I still wondered how do you track the original creator and how would they use my art? Just buy it and hold it in their wallet? Resell it? What about actually hanging it on the wall?

Some artists provide unlockable content, where they provide for downloading their content so you can print a copy or they provide some measure of certification that what you bought is truly an original or even in some cases, they ship you a printed framed copy. This doesn't really apply to most artists but the successful ones I've met do this to ensure the validity of their art and to provide a tangible object.

Again, these are all steps in the right direction and all of this is great, but something is missing. ( I just dropped a hint there, hopefully, you're keeping up. )

As most of my readers know, I don't do fluff pieces. I don't do the typical influencer mumbo jumbo and push worthless projects. I don't take just any project either. I'm not into this to make money as much as I'm into highlighting potentially lucrative investment opportunities.

(DisclaimerI am NOT a Financial Advisor. Everything you read in this article was and is meant for entertainment purposes only and should not be misconstrued as financial advice. You should always consult a financial advisor before investing in any investment opportunity and conduct your own due diligence in respect to how you evaluate risks and losses. Always do your own research into any project mentioned in my articles and invest at your own risk.

The Future Architecture of NFTs

There are very few projects taking the initiative to bridge a very specific gap between digital NFTs and Tangible NFTs. Few projects are even touching on it and NOBODY is doing what this project has already done. To be fair, I couldn't find any project that comes close. There are tons and tons of NFT projects, but they're all focused on art and unobtainable intangible products. Just digital assets.

Most people have a very simplistic idea of what NFTs are and what they can do. This concept is totally different. They just destroyed the mainstream approach to how we use NFTs and how they can be applied to products.

This project has cornered a very interesting nitch in the NFT business. A nitch that I think, when you're done reading this article, will give you a better idea of what you can do with NFTs besides just art. Then again, this project is producing beautiful artwork, just in another form.

When I say NFT, most people think about what I mentioned earlier, digital art and digital trading cards and such. The typical digital art media you can find anywhere. What sets this project apart is that one thing that I think is missing.

Traceable Real-World Products.

Things you can actually hold in your hand, not just your wallet. What this project is doing though goes beyond tracing tangible products, they are in fact creating a very unique NFT marketplace that allows people to verify what they own is in fact from the artist. Not a duplicate or without proof of value.

Before you get too excited, take notice of how old this project is. Born April 20th 2021 at 4:00 PM. This project is the newest force to challenge the status quo in the NFT market.

What they bring to the table is an entirely different concept in NFTs. Instead of the value of an NFT being trapped in your wallet or sold to you as a digital asset, they are using the unique idea of applying NFTs to real-world products.

I'm talking about EarnX. A subsidiary of Yearn Classic Finance. If you're into crypto at all, I'm sure you've caught on by now but if not let's dive in. Actually, whether your aware or not isn't the question, the question is, do you really know what EarnX is actually doing in the NFT space?

RFID chips aren't a new concept. They've been around for a long time. You can find RFID chips being used for security, pet identification, shipping, origin tracing, credit cards, and many other uses.

What if you took the abilities of RFID technology and applied them to Blockchain?

What if you could take the value and origin of real-world products and trace it back to the retailer, artist, or website where they came from?

What if you could build an entire marketplace where anything you buy will be shipped to you and have a RFID-NFT applied to the product that could trace the item back to its original manufacturing facility?

What if you could resell a real-world product you own, just by letting the buyer scan the RFID-NFT and pay you directly with crypto?

What if...What if...What if...

EarnX opened the door to "What If", Stepped inside, and made themselves a home there. The "What if" is over. No hype here folks, just facts!

The possibilities are endless. Brain melting yet? Yeah, just what I thought, my poor readers, you are all going to need a fresh bong hit, a cold drink and 5 minutes to scoop up whatever is left of that brain matter laying on the floor and hopefully not on your RFID-NFT embedded flooring. 

Seriously, this is pandora's box of NFT architecture.

The idea isn't just unique it's insanely invaluable and incredibly applicable to real-world products.

Now, as I said, EarnX is young. It is just a baby in terms of how long it's been in the crypto space.

With a ton of growing to do, it has plenty of space and plenty of potential profitability ahead. Like all projects, it has to be able to build upon itself and this will take some time to fully accomplish, but if you ever wanted to find a project that has cornered a spot in the NFT marketplace, unlike any other, EarnX is the project for you.

The Tokenomics of EarnX

I'm sure you've seen plenty of deflationary tokens coming out via Binance BSC. Let's be honest, most are just pump and dump tokens, nothing more.

When you name a token Shoe Butter Shiba, I have some doubts it will have any value in 6 months. BUT-When you open up a whole marketplace and sell out before I can write about you, that's progress baby, and promising. Still, let's talk a little about what this token is all about.

EarnX Tokenomics


Deflationary is just the tip of the iceberg. Owning EarnX gives you exclusive access to all of EarnX's NFT Gallery and allows you to pay using EarnX. Right now they are waiting on new merchandise, so the shelves are bare.

Seems they sold out much faster than they were prepared for. They even got a little free press from Binance which boosted sales. Big Time. Just to be clear, the Gallery is empty at the moment and being restocked ASAP.

One of the best features about Deflationary tokens is they earn you more tokens as they sit. When I bought into EarnX, I only purchased roughly 15M.


Today I own 25,747,841 of EarnX and haven't purchased more since that first buy. Almost doubled and will in a short time. By the time I'm done writing this article, I will have likely made another 10,000 EarnX or more. Just by sitting on it. Not too bad for a small buy on this project.

Let's Talk about Stability, the Economics and Community.

EarnX is a stable and active currency with a large community. They actively engage their community and keep their community updated on all upcoming improvements and changes.

The community of EarnX also has voting rights as to what types of products and artists join EarnX. This is a key feature that I think is important for the longevity of EarnX.

Giving token holders the ability to basically take part in what products are introduced and sold on the platform gives token holders a feeling of ownership by directing what EarnX sells.

A 10% Taxation with 5% of that 10% being used in distribution to token holders and the rest locked into liquidity. While other tokens have lower tax fees, 10% is a good incentive to hold your tokens and as you can see above, earn more EarnX. I actually profited from other people buying and selling EarnX. 

EarnX - Is EarnX a Safe Investment

This isn't your typical run-of-the-mill deflationary token. EarnX has a great path set up for their Road-Map and has proven to keep its promises. Which is important to take note of. They have produced exactly what they have set out to do.

The overall planned Road-Map makes for great reading, especially considering the age of the project. What they have done is amazing, but what they have coming up is really the icing on the cake, and for those of you who may have dismissed this project or passed it by, let's turn around and take a second look. 

From the beginning of the project, they took the right path. Being fully audited and owner renounced, EarnX didn't create a rug puller, they created an ecosystem.

I know plenty of investors on my Facebook pages and LinkedIn who only now have discovered EarnX and a few who just today at the date of this review, bought up a few Billion. Not because of anything I said, but because they were lazy in their research. (Like many new investors)

I posted a private link to the PDF earlier that brought more people into the circle, so to speak. Exposure for this product was at a breakneck speed at the onset of its creation, but for many people, it didn't fully sink in as to what EarnX was doing.

I felt as if some people haven't realized the full scope and potential of EarnX. They are beyond being another NFT platform, the tech they are using isn't all that well-known.

EarnX is selling real-world tangible items with built-in NFT-RFID technology, technology that could grow onto other platforms and could start to being used by everyone selling NFTs in Real-World applications.

In my opinion, EarnX has just taken the first step in the utilization of this new tech. It's young, new, and has plenty of potential growth and reach. Being that they are the first, they have locked in the rights and the abilities of this tech. 

When I write about a project, it means it passed my strict standards. I could pump out an article a day and promote any project I choose without care. That's not what I do, and I actually wait before I even think about writing about a new project.

I don't like wasting my money and I sure don't like the idea of wasting yours. So when I decided to write about EarnX, I reached out to them, as I do with every article. They responded quickly, engaged me on Twitter, and after doing my full dive into the research, I was blown away by what they have here. This is as close as you can get to buying in on Amazon before it went mainstream. It's early in the concept, but it's never too late to invest... unless you rather ignore this chance?

I mean this. This isn't just NFT art, this is tech and useful tech always has a value greater than first realized when it's introduced. Don't ignore this one. 

I really want to help people see the potential with EarnX. Their Carpets are gorgeous and when they become available, you can bet my office chair will be sitting right there next to one. Just realize carpets are just the first step in EarnX's future. They're not just going to be selling carpets and I have doubts you will be able to buy in as I did on April 21st, the day after it was put into the market.

That's why I'm here, if you missed this opportunity, now is the time to revisit EarnX and get a piece of this awesome pie. Just check for that RFID-NFT before you take a bite. 

Thank you for reading and as always, please share my work on your favorite social media. It helps me and it helps new investors looking for great opportunities.

EarnX is a great investment idea and I believe the future of NFTs and the future of the NFT market space itself will be using this great technological innovation.

DYOR and take the dive. There is so much to this amazing project, that I believe a smart investor would be a fool not to take the plunge.

Visit EarnX on Twitter
EarnX on Telegram
EarnX on GitHub

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