BitflixNFTs and MMV Announcement: Plus NFT Giveaway

BitflixNFTs Announcement Review and Beta Syndicate NFT Giveaway

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BitflixNFTs Announces New Partnership with MMV, MetaMetaverse, and Team Additions. Plus, Token Whitelisting is Now Available!

Breaking news: MetaMetaVerse and BitflixNFTs have formed an exclusive partnership that looks to create a unique and diverse concept of Blockchain NFT and Metaverse tech.

Both projects look to bring new expansions to the Metaverse and blockchain sectors, with many developments taking place on their respective platforms while making waves in both industries, MMV and Bitflix could be game-changers for Blockchain. 


  • Command Center
  • Psychedelic-themed NFT Bar
  • A Beautiful Yoga Shala 
  • A Bitflix Screening Theater
  • A Red Room Wine Bar with a Jana Maradona bot
  • A Football Gaming Stadium 
  • House of Maradona - Trophy NFTs 
  • A Dojo - Martial Arts Multiverse with Celebrity Sensi 
  • A Disco - party with DJs and friends in parallel dimensions (Mudai partnership release)
  • Place of Prayers Interfaith Metropolis 

Announcement Take-Away

CEO of Metamask, Joel Dietz, has also joined forces with Tiger Miller and new editions to marketing and community management have also taken place. 

A Massively immersive Disco Venue in Collaboration with MudAi with DJs, in a parallel dimensions Avatar setting is part of the project. 

A Football Gaming Stadium will make a debut for D10S club members, and a Hosted NFT Wine Bar is also part of the mix.

A Martial Arts Dojo Debut is expected as well with a Movie Star Hosted Special NFT debut expected to be added, giving NFT lessons in Aikido. (Possible Hint?)

An Immersive Serenity-themed Yoga Shala with mountains and natural surroundings will be provided and a MetaGuns Command Center will also be part of the METAMOON project.

There will be a BitflixNFTs Movie and Screening Theater as part of the IMO platform. 

Bitflix also will be offering the House of Maradona, a digitally modeled tribute to the Maradona museum in Argentina. 

Conclusion: Why this Matters

Everything these projects are announcing should tell you everything you need to know about MMV and Bitflix’s potential futures in crypto. More Bitflix marketing and leadership joining forces with new partnerships continue to conjure massive speculation on Bitflix and MMV.

METAMOON looks to expand both projects into the Meta Universe and the offering couldn’t be more interesting.

We will continue to monitor the BitflixNFT token release and when an exact date is reached, we will update that information on’s Crypto Syndicate.

Meanwhile, sign up for Bitflix’s token whitelisting on their discord: BitflixNFTs Discord

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