SlumDOGE Millionaire Part NOOB

By FRESHBLAG | SlumDOGE Millionaire | 16 Apr 2021

Today DOGE hit all time highs and my investment grew a lot. I initially bought doge as a meme but I have to say I LOVE THIS COIN. I love the community behind it and I have high hopes for it. That being said I dont think you should put all your eggs in one basket. I personally own at least 50 different crypto currencies. I think it's going to be really important when BILL GATES and HILLARY destroy America and the dollar tanks. If I was you I would hit coinbase, hit Costco and STOCK UP. Once the 5G rollout is done and they activate the CIA sleeper programming you're not gonna be able to use a dollar bill they are poisoning the water and CRYPTO is gonna be the currency. You want a water purifier you better have some DOGE you know what I mean? I can sell you the BEST water purification system on the market and all it costs is 250 DOGE. HIT ME UP IN THE COMMENTS FOR MORE INFO. 

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Just bliggity blaggin about stuff

SlumDOGE Millionaire
SlumDOGE Millionaire

Why I'm riding this good boi to the moon.

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