Hafez 268,enough for us

By Asemane | Sky | 29 Aug 2023

The roses' excuses are enough for us from the garden of the world,
The shade of that swaying cypress is enough for us from this meadow.

May I be far from the company of the pretentious,
For us mystics and ascetics, an ounce of spiritual wealth is enough.

They grant the palace of heaven as reward for deeds,
For us debauched beggars, the monastery of the Magi is enough.

Sit by the stream and watch the passage of life,
For this sign from the transient world is enough for us.

Look at the market of the world and the woes of the world,
If this profit and loss is not enough for you, it is enough for us.

The friend is with us, why should we desire more?
The fellowship of that soulmate is enough for us.

From my door, send God to my paradise,
For the corner of your street is enough for me beyond all time and space.

Hafiz, do not complain of the injustice of destiny,
A nature like water and flowing verses are enough for us.

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