The Sandbox: Like Minecraft but (Maybe) Better

The Sandbox: Like Minecraft but (Maybe) Better

By Sir Loin | The Crypto Shenanigans | 8 Apr 2021

The Sandbox is a game with its own marketplace implemented on the blockchain. The Sandbox is an analog of Minecraft, the most famous game in its genre. When forming the concept of the game, The Sandbox developers set the priorities for their game as accurately as possible, even named the game in tune with the whole genre.


To understand the potential of The Sandbox and make a quality review, let's focus for a second on Minecraft. Why has this game burst into the TOP and has been there for years?

First of all, the players like the idea. Shortly, users are provided with a three-dimensional game world, consisting of blocks. Players have the right to rebuild these blocks as much as their imagination is boundless. To start building our own world inside the game, you will have to immediately destroy the existing, already generated blocks, and mine resources, metal ores, and other elements. From those materials, you can further form new blocks or crafts. In other words, Minecraft is a huge virtual construction set with a non-linear storyline, in which there are no boundaries of the flight of fantasy.

The players also liked the "primitiveness" of the game, which allows you to run it on absolutely any console.

The third factor of popularity and relevance are the game modes "survival", "creativity" and "hardcore". If “survival” and “hardcore” have the same meaning - to stay alive, then “creativity” gives the user unlimited possibilities in creating exclusive skins, textures, and entire worlds.
Minecraft is now one of the best-selling games in history, second only to Tetris.

Sandbox strives to overcome the limitations of the centralized gaming marketplace. The voxel gaming platform provides the ability to create games, play them, share creations, collect items, and trade - all without a central governing body. Each in-game item has a unique, immutable blockchain identifier that proves authorship.

So why does Minecraft need a blockchain?

Shortly, to further stimulate people to create Sandbox worlds and fill them with creative objects. Players can create amazing things such as natural disaster landscapes; autonomous characters and interactive elements - water, metals, electricity; or even full arcade game levels with controllable heroes and multiple play styles.

Each world and game created on this platform belongs to the creator. This became achievable by introducing NFT tokens into the ecosystem.

The Sandbox metaverse uses multiple digital assets to create a circular economy. In addition to SAND, players also have access to LANDS (parcels) and ASSETS (in-game assets) tokens.

By placing your creations on the marketplace, you will earn every time someone decides to use your object in their game. Besides, you can earn SAND tokens by winning games created by other people or by selling entrance tickets to your world.


I can predict the potential for earning money. If you've played Minecraft, it probably won't be a mistake to transfer all kinds of earnings from there to Sandbox. That includes: resource mining and further sale, PVP and PVE battles, creation of boxes, skins, textures for the purpose of subsequent sale or lease.


The SAND token was recently listed for trading on KuCoin. At the time I'm writing this it’s trading at $0.623139 for a token.

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