The Devolution

The Devolution

By Sir Loin | The Crypto Shenanigans | 27 Jun 2021

Every year and every month, life becomes more diverse and interesting. It almost seems that it could not be more fun. Lockdowns, pandemics, vaccinations, masks have given new meaning to our movement towards the beautiful, amazing, and inclusive.

Even the chief oracle, The Economist, gives no hint of variety in his hilarious pictures. Masks, the third and fourth waves, new strains, floods, droughts, warming, and snowfalls, everything was already there.

What else to think of to make our life more diverse and bring it closer to the ideal of Orwell’s 1984?
How make us ready for the great reboot of Klaus Schwab?

Believe it or not, there are still aliens. If they appeared, then there would be no need to explain to anyone the need for curfews, refusal of real estate and a personal car, meat and the need for rescue filtration camps.

Listen, people believed in the Lunar mission; scary amateur terrorists at the controls of planes in New York; copulation of a bat and a camel; white powder and other non-sense. Well, not all. But most definitely believed it.

The number of useful idiots who are ready to believe everything that the central channels show, the governments say and what the major media write about has long exceeded half of humanity.

And if it is officially announced on CNN, BBC, and Euronews that aliens have arrived on Earth, and even shake a test tube of green slurry in front of the camera, then everyone will put on gas masks like silk and run to bomb shelters or wherever they say for a portion of protein-rich worms.

Oh, wait!

This is already happening: The Office of the Director of National Intelligence of the United States published this on its official website.

And in a completely open form. This means for the press, that is, for the herd.

There, in all seriousness, they tell us about unidentified flying objects that have been recorded since 2004 and are spinning above us right now. And they can be dangerous, like a virus or even like its Delta +. Well, you get the idea.

The report was sent at once to all US intelligence agencies, including the NSA, the FBI, and Congress for familiarization and taking preventive protective measures...

Something suggests that the measures will not be long in coming. What kind? Read Klaus Schwab, hone your understanding of the fourth industrial revolution, and think about how to rebuild it all better.

We doomed. The devolution has long begun.

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