Everything You Need To Know About the WINk Token

Everything You Need To Know About the WINk Token

By Sir Loin | The Crypto Shenanigans | 4 Apr 2021

WINk is a decentralized gaming platform powered by the TRON blockchain.

WINk aims to organize a platform for games and communication that has all the advantages of a blockchain project. Previously, the site was known as TRONbet and was the first decentralized application on the Tron network. Since its launch, the popularity has grown significantly. The total number of regular players exceeds 16 thousand. WINk is the largest collection of blockchain games, including slot machines, dice, poker, etc.


The TRON blockchain was chosen by WINk because of its focus on creating a truly decentralized Internet. Its scalability and bandwidth allow WINk to create the most user-friendly environment.

The WINk platform offers users the ability to communicate, play and place bets across multiple blockchain ecosystems. The project supports several strong incentive mechanisms at once, such as behavioral mining, innovative economic architecture, etc.

The official rebranding from TRONbet to WINk was carried out as part of strategic investments and in anticipation of stable growth. A separate platform name is more suitable for expanding its sphere of influence among community members and better reflects the team's commitment to the cause.

WINk is truly the world leader in decentralized applications in terms of the aggregate estimate of the number of users and the volume of transactions carried out.
It has advanced functions for communication and transactions between users. A wide range of developer tools and APIs, allowing anyone to easily implement their own projects or create games from scratch. WINk also has a unique token ecosystem and reward distribution mechanism called WinDrop. The project also offers an ability to interact with stablecoins and fiat. In the near future, WINk is planned to add new functions - a content analysis mechanism, an updated management model, an ecosystem fund.

The estetics of the platform are ensured by the operation of smart contracts on the TRON blockchain. This also guarantees the fairness of the win.

There is no doubt about the fairness of the WINk site, especially since it has been successfully operating for a long time, long before the rebranding.

WINk emission plan:


Token distribution:



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