Do we need a decentralizeded search engine?

Do we need a decentralizeded search engine?

By Sir Loin | The Crypto Shenanigans | 17 Mar 2021

The history of Presearch dates back to 2011. Colin Pape suffered from Google's whims. Search engine algorithms buried his As a consequence, ShopCity filed a complaint against Google with the US Federal Trade Commission.

The application stated that Google has its own algorithm, which brings its products to the top and does not allow competitors to the first pages of search results.


So the team was assembled and the development of PreSearch began.

The successes of blockchain technologies and, in particular, Ethereum, forced Pape to pay attention to advanced solutions. This is how the idea came about to create a search platform that rewards users with tokens.

So, first of all, why there are so many disconnected projects in the cryptocurrency world?

Well, each platform tries to be independent, resulting in a whole decentralized conglomerate of independent startups. While blockchain provides more anonymity when it comes to searching the Internet, it is still out of reach for the average user.

So why can't Google become a blockchain search engine?

The fact is that Google, Bingo, and other search engines are centralized corporations that store terabytes of data on search queries, browsing history, activity, etc. This kind of tool is convenient but can be (if not already) saturated with regulation by the authorities.

As you know, decentralization and power are incompatible things for ideological reasons.

So it turns out that a decentralized search engine will not store any information about me?

Not really. The search engine will still store analytical meta-data, however, all requests will already be stored not on the servers of one corporation, but on the blockchain network. Your data will be encrypted using a private key and will remain secure and anonymous unless you choose otherwise.

Besides, you can make money on your information.

You will have the opportunity to make personal information available to specific retailers by entering into smart contracts directly with advertisers.

Traditional search engine vendors make money from advertising. Presearch aims to change this by allowing its users to earn PRE tokens by launching their nodes or even by simply performing searches on the platform.

We're still a long way off complete decentralization, but the popularity of the concept is becoming increasingly apparent.

As the problems of centralization become more obvious, it's likely that we'll continue to see a huge push towards a decentralized future as we move further into 2021.

Cryptocurrencies have had their time in the spotlight but now it's time to focus on solving bigger problems.

Currently, the price of PRE is $ 0.1005

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