Bitcoin has become the third currency in the world, bypassing the Japanese yen

By Sir Loin | The Crypto Shenanigans | 21 Mar 2021

Here is some interesting statistics.

The population of the Earth is 7 879 275 500 people. Emission of bitcoin 18 659 618. The price of bitcoin at the time of this writing is $58528. Satoshi per person on Earth: 236,819, which is $138.6 at current price.
Each year, the price of entry into the 1% of humanity that owns bitcoin will be higher and will soon become unaffordable for most of the population.
It is convenient to look at these statistics here.

By buying Bitcoin for $139 today, you will be, on average, richer than the rest of the world's population. Moreover, the amount of bitcoin per person will decrease every day. And you will become richer.

The price of one dollar is 1718 satoshi. Let's save this statistic to return to it in half a year.

But the here is the most interesting thing:

Today, Bitcoin has become the third currency in the world, bypassing the Japanese yen. Only the Euro and the US Dollar are ahead. Only money is involved in the calculation, in free circulation in the aggregates M1 and M2, that is, all bills and coins issued for free circulation without taking into account deposits in banks and derivatives.


In order to catch up with the US dollar and become the number one currency in the world, bitcoin needs to grow only 2 times to the price of $ 120K per bitcoin.

Who wants a bet that this will happen this year?

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